The Good, the Bad, and the Giggly

I know weekend posts are not usually my style. But I feel like typing and drawing… So my style is changed for right now.

And there is one thing I have to share before the year is over. And it’s so important that everyone know:

Bwa na-na na-na. Bwa ha-ha he-he.

When I found this out I promised myself to doodle it because everyone should have something silly that makes them burst into laughter… and we should totally celebrate it. The fact that she nearly passed out due to the lack of oxygen in her body from the laughter… now that was dangerous. If you are brave, please give the themesong from “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” a try… maybe you will think its a bit funny too:

I hope there is something in your life that makes you laugh this hard. Personally almost everything makes me burst into laughter. Right now the near mention of “Velociraptors” is making me giggle like nobody’s business. Have a giggly Sunday.


Corny Jokes with Lauren: Vol. 1

Oh, hey there internet!
Happy First day of May. I’m sure everyone was enjoying all those Justin Timberlake jokes about “it’s going to be May.” But now that we are firmly planted in May… I think we all need a chance to have a highly specific giggle about an 1980s Pop/Rock group “Hall and Oates.”

And yes, just in case you were wondering I’m taking that joke on my new comedy tour called “Things only I find funny”…

Wait, Daryl Hall is totally into this joke too:

It's so true... hahaha. *clap clap*
-- Daryl Hall
photo by: by Matthew Becker

Change that tour title to “Things that Daryl Hall and I think are funny.”

Also here’s the song because I assume you are singing it by now anyways:


Excuse me, Miss…

I find myself in strange situations constantly. I don’t know if its because I have some sort of “weirdo” frequency I emit to the world. Or maybe its just because I am a girl that lives in California… most can admit, it’s a bit weird here.

Most people would just try to ignore the strange things around them. But not me, I’m just too curious not to play into these things.

And for some reason I find that these situations some of the best things that could happen to a girl.

Here are several examples of fun incidents:

-Walking lost old ladies to a restaurant when my only intention of being outside was to throw out garbage. Only to find out that they are so full of historical knowledge of the area that I nearly wanted to hijack their dinner and listen to their memories for hours!

-Helping strangers load luggage/ small store purchases into their cars and being paid in fruit, and no matter how much you protest you walk away with fruit (This has happened more than once.)

-Being trapped in a a very small elevator with a woman who at first is not very talkative but then after a few minutes and realization we were stuck in an elevator together got quite chummy. She turned out to be Susan Adler the author of several of my favorite American Girl books (Shout Out to my Childhood!)

-Having my Fortune read to me by a “Psychic Cat” (I suggest that everyone in the Southern California area… give this a try)

-Being given a bottle of wine, for telling some guy in Rome what time it was… (I don’t think he had a Fiat, Cakes)

-Being told by producers of Ellen that Colin Farrell loved my description of him including but not limited to his “Luscious, unyeilding folicles”

-And of course, having long conversations with people from other businesses in the same building. To the point where I almost tell them, “I’m sorry I have to go to work now.” The best thing is that they never talk to my Professional Coworker, who is beginning to think it’s a conspiracy.

In short, my existence is pretty darn rad, and I’m ready for today’s adventures!


Things That Are Funny:WKUK

Today on this second day of things that are funny week I bring to you the Whitest Kids You Know.

If you have not met Trevor, Zach, Sam, Darren, and the magnificent Timmy. I suggest you should! They may be a bit crude, and seemingly racist (one ex-friend I had was disgusted by their faux racism.)

Here is a picture of them but its hard to see that they are funny from it:

Trevor Moore is the brains of the operation writing much of the crews material, he is also really good at being  sarcastic. In this clip he wants a really awesome tattoo:

Zach Cregger is really good at being the rudest Abraham Lincoln ever:

Sam Brown is really good at being the “grapist”:

Darren Trumeter is really good at dressing in drag.

and my personal Favorite is Timmy Williams, here he is trying to live on a mountain of chairs:

If you like them you  can buy them on DVD! Their second is season is on sale currently at fine establishments

Here I am with Timmy:


Things that are funny week!

I haven’t been posting regularly for many reasons. I’m hoping that making a marathon will change that. So on this very fine 3rd week of February I will present to you.

Things that are funny WEEK.

not to be confused with things that are funny weak.

Here are the differences…

Part of Funny Week:

Will Arnett curently can be seen in "When in Rome", you can also find him being funny as Devon Banks in "30 Rock" or Gob Bluth in "Arrested Development"

Part of Funny Weak:

Russell Brand is an unfunny commedian. You can see him being unfunny in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall", or lurking in the streets with Katy Perry. You can also look forward to him in the remake of "Drop Dead Fred," because it needed a remake.

That’s an ouch isn’t it? That should be saved for Cruelty Week.