Things That Are Funny:WKUK

Today on this second day of things that are funny week I bring to you the Whitest Kids You Know.

If you have not met Trevor, Zach, Sam, Darren, and the magnificent Timmy. I suggest you should! They may be a bit crude, and seemingly racist (one ex-friend I had was disgusted by their faux racism.)

Here is a picture of them but its hard to see that they are funny from it:

Trevor Moore is the brains of the operation writing much of the crews material, he is also really good at being  sarcastic. In this clip he wants a really awesome tattoo:

Zach Cregger is really good at being the rudest Abraham Lincoln ever:

Sam Brown is really good at being the “grapist”:

Darren Trumeter is really good at dressing in drag.

and my personal Favorite is Timmy Williams, here he is trying to live on a mountain of chairs:

If you like them you  can buy them on DVD! Their second is season is on sale currently at fine establishments

Here I am with Timmy:


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