Music in mind

This weekend I did a lot of things… including go to a supermarket dressed in a manner too nice to be at a supermarket in. I ascertained this thought as the throngs of sweatpanted people flocked past me with looks of disdain.

At least the cashier appreciated my orange sundress, tiled necklace and casual brown heels.

I also think that whilst at the market I may have reminded people of Diane Lane in Must Love Dogs because all I bought was chicken, and a can of dog food.

I didn’t even have the John Cusack that makes buying chicken better:

Maybe someday he’ll carry my dog’s food. Or maybe I’d just settle to watch “Hot Tub Time Machine”.

I also helped someone totally thesis it up on Sunday. And I hope she does really well.

As a bonus to the whole weekend I received a hilarious voicemail from Jimmy that tells me he has a song stuck in his head. A song that is more that worth laughing at…

But then I thought of the song that has been playing in my head since I woke up:

Why are the songs in my head so mildly depressing? And Why is that song in Jimmy’s head at all??

Also It’s Isabel and Christine’s Birthday… time to celebrate!


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