Last Nite

Okay I must say that this post involves Vampires. But not those lusty and highly glossy vampires of Twilight, I’m talking about those campy goofy and evil vampires of 1992′ “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”

It was on TV last night and since I remember loving it as a kid, I couldn’t help but watch it.

And my re-watch proved that I truly love campy movies. It had all of the best film elements you could ask for…

The Valley Girl:

buff this

The Bad Boy turned swell guy (remember how cool he was?):


The Vampire played by Paul Reubens:


Ben Affleck as a basketball player:

affleck attack

Hillary Swank as a bratty teen:


Donald Southerland in this fedora:


And David Arquette as the world’s most irritating vampire:


A dance with the theme “Hug the World”

Thank you 90’s movies, I am all about all of that stuff! And I feel like hugging the world because of it!


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