Isabel Stare-a-thon: A 2010 success!

Another stare-a-thon has come and passed. I hope it was fantastic and all you dreamed of. Staring at Isabel season is no longer on, so you must stare carefully and on your own merit until November 20th of 2011.
The Stare-a-thon HQ is celebrating the success of the Isabel stare-athon that had more than 4,000 online visitors! We are strategizing for the next evergrowing stare-a-thon event.
We would also like to add that no matter how much John Mayer likes to stare he is not officially a member of the stare-a-thon community.

Ummm yeah, he just won’t get the memo.
So heres to another year of Isabel and Clay Aiken Mashups!

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