Isabel Stare-a-thon 2012: At the Drive in

Looking for a great group activity to participate in while staring at Isabel?

Why don’t you head down to your closest exterior cinemaplex and see Isabel the way she was meant to be seen…

On a big screen with hundreds of strangers gazing upon her in 1080p resolution! Don’t accept inferior fuzzy Isabels!


And remember this years theme when you are out with your friends and loved ones:


2 thoughts on “Isabel Stare-a-thon 2012: At the Drive in

    1. Oh wow. You compliment me so! I wish I were in a movie about a giggly girl trying to have it all. I would like to say like someplace in the Arctic because that makes it more exotic, and gives more opportunity to have a sled team of dogs helping me through it all… And then in the winter when Pa goes to get windows from the big city… I think I just made my life too “little house on the prairie…

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