Miss of Arc

As a connoisseur of weird things. I must confess that one of those things is weird holidays.
You may say after Christmas and Arbor Day that all the cool holidays are through. But how can that really be when  January 21st is Squirrel appreciation day?

Well let me tell you, everyday has a holiday.


Yesterday was learn about composting day. I was not all that into it.

Today I picked a Saint Day to celebrate. .. Joan of Arc.

I have always felt a connection to Miss of Arc. Maybe because I took refuge in a church adorned with tapestries of her life during the most crazy rainstorm I’ve ever been in… or maybe it’s because she was a big part of Bill and Ted passing history class…

Sometimes I can’t even figure my logic.

But she actually was pretty amazing, think of all the things she did with her very short life.
And today my doodle is all about her:


And that quote is fantastic. The best thing I ever said at 14 was “No, I don’t listen to the Backstreet boys.”
We can’t all be cool like Joan.
Happy Friday,

6 thoughts on “Miss of Arc

      1. I do as always approve of you using this drawing…
        And actually yes, this was a quote from her in her final recorded statements before being burned at the stake.
        She was very accepting of her “punishment” because she felt that she had accomplished her destiny.
        I won’t tell any nuns you asked ;)

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