I have been seeing some weird clothes lately.

Like really really weird clothes.

And although I believe people have the right to express themselves in many ways, maybe work isn’t the best platform for this.

Now that I work in a more fashion forward business, I have noticed that the clothing too is much more “fashion forward” too.

  • Men Dressed like Duckie from “Pretty in Pink.” Check.
  • Women dressed in lace see-through leotards, with a black bra and business pants. It is like Lady Gaga went corporate.
  • A girl who wears rompers made for 3 year olds– her butt has been seen by all! And this has also inspired me to wipe down the seat in the cafeteria anytime I sit there. No, I don’t want to sit there.
  • Women wearing swimsuit tops with mesh shirts over them. Is my shirt see through enough?
  • And that girl who is trying to make wearing a tarp with unlaced combat boots happen. How does she make it up the stairs? I barely make it up the stairs in flats!
  • And my favorite… the petite man who dresses like a 1990s gangster rapper. Including tied bandanna, It’s like I get to see the dantiest Tupac that could ever exist.

Tomorrow I hope that I see someone dressed like a flamingo or like a contestant on RuPaul’s Drag Race. In fact, I’m pretty sure of it.



4 thoughts on “NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA BUTTGIRL!

  1. A new dynamic duo, Buttgirl and Boxershortsboy ! Seriously, if the fashion trend for young women continues to spiral towards no imagination necessary, civilization will grind to a complete halt. “Hey kids ! Is your public attire NSFW on the interwebs? Do distracted drivers crash into stuff when you walk by? Cover your bizness up before you get somebody killed ! Whodoyou thinkyouare, Miley Cirus?

    1. It’s so ridiculous. To quote my mother “why would you leave the house like that?” All I think of is, there has to be someone you don’t want to see your underpants in the world. Give the rest of us a break!

  2. That is SO weird! I don’t know when nightclub wear became kosher in the office. I have been away too long i guess. Yikes! Are people actually wearing clothes in clubs these days? :S

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