I made this little gnome at work because I was very bored.

My mind wandered to what it would be like to be a gnome

And I decided that in California it would be a pretty nice gig to have…

and the only way I’d want to go somewhere else is if I were hanging around with Amelie’s flight attendant friend.

i love gnome puns!


2 thoughts on “gnome

  1. Why isn’t Nome, Alaska spelled correctly ? Do their LOL kitties go “gnom gnom gnom” ? Confidentially, the Travelocity gnome kinda creeps me out. I thibnk it’s the voice though.

    1. I like to believe Alaska has a history of not acknowledging silent letters. They just pretend like they never happened.

      And as for your gnome confession… viciously sweet will keep your secret ;)

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