Happy Birthday to Lauren!

Every year for my birthday I like to do a simple thing. I like to make a list of things I learned and I also like to make a list of goals for me.. that I hope I can really do.

So as always I start with what I learned:

-Planning and orchestrating extreme costumes is amazing. And I suggest to everyone who wants to be dressed like something they in-vision to do it at least once


-I learned to defend myself and my beliefs, and I didn’t apologize for what I like, or who I like!


-I learned that NBC is useless without Thursday night comedies. And that ended me watching as much TV as I used to… and since I watched all NBC comedies like an addiction since I fell in love with repeats of Night Court at 3. This could actually be a good thing.


-I learned how to pronounce “quinoa”

-And I learned that my sense of optimism is still a bit too high! But I like it that way!


-I got more serious about my artwork, and I’m actually working on making it into a side business. And I love working on it.

BTW I was just interviewed by Jess Goulart by breakthruradio for a podcast about this very website and these very drawings!!! I will make a much better and cooler post about this later!

Things I want to do this year:

-This may sound really strange… but I want to go to Circus School. I want to learn to use those ribbon things and i want to do it really well… then I will enter the olympics of ribbon thing. (Which I really wish was real)

-I want to be so serious about having fun that it’s contagious and everyone around me will have fun.

-I will find out who make the graphic t-shirts I don’t understand at F21. Literally last year they released a shirt with an address and the address was to an “H&M”

-I will always try to check out facts (hence I discovered that F21 address gaff)

-And I will see the Cure, they are in America… and they are my favorite thing besides good hair,  and good times.

Thanks to everyone who reads this blog, passes by it, or wonders what the heck they have stumbled upon.

Here’s to another AMAZING year!!!

And here is to my dream costume of the year:

Hedy Lamarr’s Zeigfield Girl.

I want to wear it all the day, all the time.

Just imagine me in the line at “Chicken Now” in this number… ordering some chicken strips and texas toast.




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