Happy Birthday Vero!

I really love Novembers.

They are full of hot cocoa, planning your next years Halloween costumes, and really more birthdays than you can shake a stick at.

And today’s birthday is totally a good one.

In addition to being Sadie Hawkings Day and World Kindness day… it’s also Veronica’s birthday.

You may be asking yourself… who is Veronica?

And you are totally right for asking,

She is one of my college buddies who I would love to share a little bit about with you right now!

-Veronica is a very talented artist, she can make very fancy drawings.. in fact we have collaborated on one

-She literally has like 40 bookmarks with hobbits on them

-She still owns every copy of “Circus” magazine. Which was an alternative rock version of “Tiger Beat”

-She never ever complains about my music choices

-She still uses her high school yahoo email, like a proper gangster

-She loves all kitties, and has a rather handsome gray cat who likes to sleep on her workspace

-She is great to go to the movies with and always dresses in theme with the movie you are about to see. It’s like Disneybouding… but like totally way better

-And she has dreams of sharing her love of 90s glam rockers with the world… Specifically Amir Derakh, and his majorly contrasty hair:

Image Courtesy of Photobucket

And more than all that she has dreams of costumes like Elisa.. maybe it’s a November thing???

Any who… her is a drawing of her as Honey Lemon from Big Hero 6:

Isn’t she all super hero-ey? She also looks like this all the time… her street clothes are her real costume

Happy Birthday Veronica!


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