Pete & Pete Revisited

I really loved the T.V. show Pete & Pete. And to celebrate it’s total awesomeness I give you a top 10 list on things both Pete and Pete Wrigley have inspired me to do

1. Get a tattoo like Petunia

2. Befriend Artie… the strongest man, in the world.

3. Learn to appreciate the Yule Log

4. Get an ice cream from Mr. Tastee

5. Meet Iggy Pop

6. Challenge underwear inspector 34 to a rib eating contest.

7. Sing this theme song to Jimmy:

8. Sing “If your happy and you know it” to Bus Driver Stu. Who may mentally snap and kill all the bus passengers!

9. Order a Pizza from a Bunny

10. Fight Daylight Savings!

Thank you Pete and Pete.


You Can’t Stop the Dot

I am so always about things that look slightly retro/vintage.  

When I saw that polka dots were “in” this year I could have thrown a party!  

Which could look a lot like this:  

image from: Celebration Shoppe


I suggest that every one should have at least one polka dot item this year, it makes everything nice.  

I am a huge fan of polka dot dresses, because it brings quirky vintage fun to everything!  

This polka dot dress is great for everyday… and I think Christine needs this:  


This polka dot dress is from Jessica Simpson…. Yeah I know but the dress is cute. And I’m thinking if I run across it… this dress will be super mine:  


I also love this polka dot sailor outfit, it’s nautical and dottie:  


Here are some other Polka dot outfits that are really cute for the rest of spring and summer. All of which I would wear to work and on the weekends:  


But after seeing the dress on the right I’m so all about formal polka dots:  


I’m also crazy about bathing suits in polka dots.  

When I was looking at a mighty fine magazine that was telling me about the splendor that is polka dots it showed me bathing suits.  

I of course like this one but is it for sale. Come on, Ava Gardner some one should sell this swim suit:  


So I found some really cute ones from unique vintage in Burbank:  


 Also I found some super cute polka dot shoes which shout out to Isabel would look great with a lab coat!    

and these ones have polka holes:  

  And just for good measure I put in this video which shows Meghan Smith in a super cute dress:


 Dot it up,   


Hanging with the Homies

I made this doodle a while ago, and I thought I already posted it…. BUT surprise I didn’t!

It’s what I imagined what the Vicious Crew would look like if we were hung in a lodge…

Just in case you need a bit of help figuring what animal is which…

Top row: Isabel as you can see is depicted as some sort of Elk like creature, which is real nice. I’m the second one in and I have always desired to be a jackalope so call me Lopey, and finishing out the top row Christine makes a fine unicorn with a charming pink horn.

Bottom Row: Eric thinking about a lodge stated he wanted to be a tiger, so there he is as a manly lodge residing tiger. I have always assumed Jimmy would be a moose kind of animal because he is super tall. And, Of course Miss Tangy is a very enticing antelope.


I’ve been off

I just wanted to send a hello to the interwebs.
And share with my friends this late late valentine.

Also I’m currently coloring you as mounted to the wall animals.


Beautiful Things

Some people are good at making things.

I found this little guy on deviant art today when I was curious about people’s artistic visage of Billy Idol:

the person who created this has the screen name Metaru… they are good at making things.