You Can’t Stop the Dot

I am so always about things that look slightly retro/vintage.  

When I saw that polka dots were “in” this year I could have thrown a party!  

Which could look a lot like this:  

image from: Celebration Shoppe


I suggest that every one should have at least one polka dot item this year, it makes everything nice.  

I am a huge fan of polka dot dresses, because it brings quirky vintage fun to everything!  

This polka dot dress is great for everyday… and I think Christine needs this:  


This polka dot dress is from Jessica Simpson…. Yeah I know but the dress is cute. And I’m thinking if I run across it… this dress will be super mine:  


I also love this polka dot sailor outfit, it’s nautical and dottie:  


Here are some other Polka dot outfits that are really cute for the rest of spring and summer. All of which I would wear to work and on the weekends:  


But after seeing the dress on the right I’m so all about formal polka dots:  


I’m also crazy about bathing suits in polka dots.  

When I was looking at a mighty fine magazine that was telling me about the splendor that is polka dots it showed me bathing suits.  

I of course like this one but is it for sale. Come on, Ava Gardner some one should sell this swim suit:  


So I found some really cute ones from unique vintage in Burbank:  


 Also I found some super cute polka dot shoes which shout out to Isabel would look great with a lab coat!    

and these ones have polka holes:  

  And just for good measure I put in this video which shows Meghan Smith in a super cute dress:


 Dot it up,   


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