Hanging with the Homies

I made this doodle a while ago, and I thought I already posted it…. BUT surprise I didn’t!

It’s what I imagined what the Vicious Crew would look like if we were hung in a lodge…

Just in case you need a bit of help figuring what animal is which…

Top row: Isabel as you can see is depicted as some sort of Elk like creature, which is real nice. I’m the second one in and I have always desired to be a jackalope so call me Lopey, and finishing out the top row Christine makes a fine unicorn with a charming pink horn.

Bottom Row: Eric thinking about a lodge stated he wanted to be a tiger, so there he is as a manly lodge residing tiger. I have always assumed Jimmy would be a moose kind of animal because he is super tall. And, Of course Miss Tangy is a very enticing antelope.


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