Isabel’s Wedding

I have been the busiest Lauren this side of the Pecos. (That’s an expression…. right?)

And this weekend I even traveled far (not that far) to party with everyone’s (especially Clay Aiken’s) favorite Isabel to celebrate her ever so recent wedding to David!

And it was magical.

There was so much drinks, and dancing, and food, and joy.

I feel really lucky to have been in attendance.

I even made them a logo for their wedding:

David & Isabel… a totally married couple doodle.

The doodle was even put on their photo booth strips!

Can you imagine the sheer joy of making photo booth strips? I mean it’s amazing…

I didn’t even know that it was a goal in my life to make one  until I saw the final product.

I made this thing… and also made silly faces!
nancy and i are being fun animals

I felt like a proper illustrator.

Thanks Isabel! I wish you and David all the best… in all of life forever and ever.

Thanks for making me feel like a cool artsy person.

And to everyone else I am available for all doodling purposes!

Next event…. my sister’s baby shower.


She likes him… more than SCIENCE!

I am so happy when I hear lovely news…

And this week I heard the best news I have heard in a long time. My friend the astonishing, marvelous, and phenomenal-on-her-way-to-becoming-a-doctor, Isabel is ENGAGED! And she’s getting married to David, who is equally as wonderful as her (it’s a really hard contest to enter though. I mean, I could write adjectives about Isabel’s awesomeness until I pass out from giggling).

Just in case for some of the readers who need a reminder of David…remember him as my captive studio audience? Well now that Isabel and David are going to be a unified front, I will have 2 people in my designated audience! That for all you math wizards is double. I have double the fans now:

My audience of 1 is now doubled! Math, is this how it works?

So basically the day they get married is going to be one of the best days of the year besides Leif Erikson Day and the Isabel Stare-a-thon. I really hope they get married during Nov. 2oth to December 20th as that is the time I have made up a month-long holiday about Isabel. It’s basically begging to have your wedding betwixt it!

So  finally, and simply… Congratulations. I hope you have so many years of incredible joy and the most fun two people have ever had in the history of people having fun! Remember everyday can be the best day you’ve ever had.


Hark! Science Approaches!

Today I personally feel a little boring. Even doodle Lauren wants nothing to do with my imagination. I think its because I suffer from project fatigue (so many days and it still isn’t done!) So I closed my eyes and the first thing that popped into my head was science! And by science I mean Isabel, my brilliant scientist friend!

I am not entirely sure but I think I was supposed to tell her something that is important… but I forgot what that thing was… eh, who knows. So I haven’t wanted to bother her… But when I remember, I’m going to tell her that thing that I need to tell her.

I digress… here’s Isabel is with some science:

Now back to ceiling details!


It’s Monday and I’m “Naturally Disappointed”

Happy Monday to all of you, after this long and most delicious weekend!

Most people like me are now settling back into their cubicles thinking why can’t I be frolicking around town whilst doing practically nothing yet be making money like some Kardashian. Some of you may be saying, “why isn’t my photoshop working? Doesn’t my computer know how important it is during the Isabel Stare-a-thon?” Seriously and more specifically I wish my photoshop were working.

But not specifically, I can’t be the only one who feels like this:

I am the most naturally disappointed right now.


Dream Big Isabel!

So many year ago… when Isabel and I were but children (Okay, teenagers without cars) we used to sit in front of school and talk about music, how to avoid creepy teachers, and our dream cars.

One of the best ideas was to take Isabel’s first car the Mercedes Station Wagon and to transform it into a beautiful monster truck/convertible. Not only would she get the wind whipping through her hair, but she would be at a much higher altitude. This would of course alleviate her from all the possibilities of getting hit in the face with a sticky plastic bag.

Although neither of us have the money to do it yet, I beg Isabel to keep dreaming that this can be her reality someday!

Keep the dream alive!

P.S. I forgot to put the ‘R’ in Danger… you should do that for yourself! :)

My Imagination is Hooked on Isabel

I think if anyone could be slightly weirded out by a post title, it could be Isabel… and she’d be absolutely right about it! Like seriously I have been doodling people like crazy mad as of late. Let me hint (great Halloween costume ideas may be coming soon.)

Anyway I’m getting a little off subject. Here’s Isabel and a goat:

Happy Thursday everyone, I’m going to go eat some chicken!


p.s. Eric is not cooperating with the Professional Quote of the Day… so there may be not new quote another until next week!