It’s Isabel, or is that Isabelle… or…

On Clay Aiken’s endless broken heart news, Isabel has been spotted with a much more age appropriate American Idol…
… Yes, 2010 winner (of hearts) Lee Dewyze.

However there is one really big problem with Lee… he cannot spell Isabel’s name… He would just like to say that he’s closer to it than Clay Aiken’s love song to Isabel “Invisible.”




Isabel’s Spicy Scandal

There has been a shakeup in the Viciously Sweet universe.
It seems that a certain Isabel has been seen on the town with a gingery American Idol Alumnus.
And not the one you are thinking of…

Yes. Scotty McCreery.
Here they are in Prince’s shiny (and completely normal) purple patio:

You may know him from being the younger Clay Aiken on this season of American Idol. He’s kind of like the new version of the VW Bug. He’s so much slicker, but still has that adorable little vase.

Will Isabel ever return to Clay???


P.S. Does Scotty’s name look like McCreepy to anyone else?

Have a Loverly Eliza Doolittle Day!

As we all know I am really big into silly little holidays.
Today I’m going to run and tell Henry Higgins that I’m celebrating Eliza Doolittle Day!
And my fairy ladies, I think you should too!

Enjoy the following Limited edition doodles:

Christine as the super fab fancy bedazzled Eliza:

Isabel Doolittle is the classiest lady… and just like in real she can tell you off in a most fabulous manner:

Doodle Lauren as the Eliza with the biggest hat:

And finally
Jimmy as Eliza Doolittle… isn’t it loverly?

Holla At me Higgins:

I had to include that song as it is so very Yonadab.
Also seriously, why are men like that?
Have a truly wonderful and phonetically blessed weekend, I hope you are not in Spain, as that is where the rain falls mainly on the plain.


And this was my childhood

I remember this music video vividly from my childhood. I really liked this song, and by this I mean I used to sing it in the supermarkets while jumping from white tile to white tile* and right now its stuck in my head.

I’m still unsure if George Harrison lives in Pee Wee’s playhouse.. or an incredibly haunted house… either way he is very chill about it.

I wish I were playing skip it while singing this song.

*Thats how children used to pretend to be Michael Jackson from Billie Jean.


I will always miss you Phil Collins

In this crazy week where I discovered my new favorite word “Biwinning” I thought I was on top of the world… Ahem, winning. Duh.
Today the internet told me that Phil Collins is retiring, you can read the article here.

I have been through phases where I want to stab my head in, due to the overplay of that song from Tarzan. But I never thought this day would come. I mean for a lot of people born in the 80’s Phil Collin’s music has been ingrained in your existence… Like this song:

I have unironically been listening to Phil Collins for the last fortnight… and just wanted you to know in a with a slight Natalie Imbruglia reference “this is how I feel:”

Also take at least this Phil Collins song with you (which is one of my faves):

Have a nice Phil Collins infused weekend.


The internet wants me to like him

This morning I was listening to Green Day (pre 2003 thanks) and I of course had to click to see just a little of the video, as I was totally enamored of Billie Joe Armstrong for a good 35% of my girly life.

But then I noticed the advertisement… Um this is seriously random…

Somehow this correlation of Green Day and Ryan Phillippe doesn't make sense... I even googled this crap.

Seriously, I am going to get to the bottom of this Green Day/Ryan Phillippe mystery…
Also why doesn’t this ad tell me the title of this awesome movie???

“Don’t you want me”

I am so ready to see “Take Me Home Tonight.”

This week I already watched “Win a Date with Tad Hamilton,” and had fond memories of when Arlene and I feigned her straightness with pictures of Josh Duhamel’s Tad Hamilton. Also I just remembered I’m never watching “In Good Company” again, that was lame…

Ahhh memories.

Okay, back to the story at hand. See this music video for the movie take me home tonight… it’s full of 1980s movie reference gems.

Enjoy it, I still can’t decide if my fav. Michael J. Fox reference is Teen wolf or Marty McFly??

West End Riot

I am so happy that Youtube sometimes links me to things I like…
I remember being in love with The Living End in middle school!
I used to listen to this cd like mad on my walkman.
Go Enjoy them:

You may remember them for this song though: