Stress, Potato Salad and Happiness

Happy April Fools Day/ First Day of April/Kris Marshall’s birthday/ 88th Anniversary of the Formation of The Royal Canadian Air Force.

Today I have had a lot to deal with:

-really stressful deadlines! I mean I was already running late today and then I come in and everything is the worst and due at the same time… Um give me a moment to panic:

I already didn’t take a lunch! I can’t find extra time!

-Trying to set up appointments so my car can look less crunchy from behind. Never a problem for a Kardashian… but, it’s a problem from my car’s rearside.

FUN FACT: I drive a candy bar. And… well summers are very sticky.

-making my stapler fancy:

It’s costume is so cool it’s now in the Justice League in the corner of my desk… The Scurvy Stapler of Justice is here!

– Defeating the evil in my general area. It’s a real affliction over here. And for a few weeks I’ve retreated… but there is only so long I can be pushed around until I get all well Warrior Princess on you.

Your Nonsense: I will shut it all down! All of our office supplies will have faces!!! BWA HA HA!

-eating my potato salad while it was still cool from refrigeration .

It’s been out of the fridge since 9!!!!! And now it’s lunchtime!!!!!

(The last one was much harder than it sounded. It took about 45 minutes to get to eat it between all the work I was doing, and our office fridge is still not functioning.)


But today is just not a day I want to remember being stressed out for. Because, I choose no to! There has to be a silver-lining to this Garfield grumbling of a Monday! So now that I’ve finished 2 deadlines, some mildly cool potato salad, and set up an appointment for my car to get some reconstructive surgery… I can share something really wonderful with the people who read this blog:

“San Francisco” from the Mowgli’s- this song is like sunshine and love had a baby, and their baby became musical.

This song according to Amber is very hipster. It probably is, but I think it is 100% fun. And you can hear it blaring out of my car everywhere I drive lately. And I even have a horrible Polynesian/ belly-dance dance for it!


And here’s a little doodle to go along with all the joy in this post:

It is because you make it that way!


(All images, besides mine are courtesy of the rad people who host thangs on IMGUR)


The Good, the Bad, and the Giggly

I know weekend posts are not usually my style. But I feel like typing and drawing… So my style is changed for right now.

And there is one thing I have to share before the year is over. And it’s so important that everyone know:

Bwa na-na na-na. Bwa ha-ha he-he.

When I found this out I promised myself to doodle it because everyone should have something silly that makes them burst into laughter… and we should totally celebrate it. The fact that she nearly passed out due to the lack of oxygen in her body from the laughter… now that was dangerous. If you are brave, please give the themesong from “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” a try… maybe you will think its a bit funny too:

I hope there is something in your life that makes you laugh this hard. Personally almost everything makes me burst into laughter. Right now the near mention of “Velociraptors” is making me giggle like nobody’s business. Have a giggly Sunday.


Make It Big!

Noel and Liam Gallagher.

The Jackson 5.



All musicians that make beautiful music with their family members. Notice who is not on that list, Christie & Lauren… And for all you jazzy readers out there, that would be me and my sister.

So we may not have the rivalry of Liam and Noel… nor do we have the stage presence of the Jackson 5. Actually we barely know how to play instruments. But that is not the point, it shouldn’t stop our musical dreams.

Christie and I have discussed the possibility of taking our love of WHAM! on the road. And calling ourselves “LADY WHAM! a Wham! Experience”… but we have one very important problem:

Wham! Bam!

Now if my brother wants to be the Andrew Ridgely… We can get this show on the road… but I have a feeling he may not want to… because he doesn’t want to revisit his time with “the mullet”:

But Tony could totally pull this off!
Image Courtesy of: FANPOP!

Anyways, we will probably never resolve this issue… and time can never mend the careless whispers of a Wham! coverband.

Have a wonderful day everybody…. and yes, I would make the better George Michael.


You wanna be starting something?

This week I have started a craze in the office that is Michael Jackson themed.

I cannot for some reason get over the song “You wanna be Startin’ Something” Mostly because firstly it may be the catchiest thing ever recorded. Secondly it has the best insult in it of all time:

“You’re a vegetable”

It can be used in any conversation.


Friend: So. Politically speaking….

You: You’re a vegetable!


Boss: Can you file these papers?

You: You’re a vegetable


Mailman: How are you today?

You: You’re a vegetable


You: You’re a vegetable

Pee Wee Herman: I know you are. But what am I?


Thank you Michael Jackson for making my life more fun than ever before:

And I didn’t color it because it doesn’t matter if it’s black or white!


Get into my cubicle groove!

If you are a person and were on the internet today… Madonna did a Youtube concert.

I made my coworkers listen to the whole thing… I think my cubicle neighbor was moved to the “Borderline” of insanity as he would not like to hear me play “Material Girl” just one more time… and he’d prefer if I listened to some Led Zepplin instead. He was a good sport to listen to 4 songs in a row before turing on his own music.

And I think on the other side of the office Amber is trying to crimp her hair and get some stretchy bracelets. And the professional is ignoring this not scheduled musical attack.

But come on, what is Thursday without having a Madonna party?

I’m not the biggest Madonna fan, but there is something about her music that makes me smile… some of it reminds me of Childhood, or of Dick Tracy, or All those MTV Music Award shows, and some of it makes me wish I too had a bit of a fake British accent.

And you know what is really wonderful about Madonna>? She could care less about what I am writing about her. And that is something I would like to take from her as a lesson about being a grown up. It’s fun to be yourself… sometimes, it’s better when being you makes people a little mad too.

Now back to my office:

While we are celebrating the magic of Madonna’s music I would like to dedicate a few songs to a few people I work with:

-To Amber I send you “Like A Prayer”, for several reasons… Firstly you like Jesus (thumbs up to the Lord) and secondly, I want to see you dance like this in the office in front of our printers, and I want to drink Pepsi Cola with you:

-To Dabby I dedicate to you “La Isla Bonita” because it’s the only Madonna Song that has Spanish in it that isn’t from Evita. And you are spicy and not Argentinian:

-To the Professional I dedicate “4 minutes” because it seems like a quantitative professional time in it, I think it is the equivalent of like updating a few contacts in your outlook, or just meeting a deadline. And I emphasize that sentence with no humor… because that is the professional way:

And then I dedicate this song to me because I really am feeling what she is saying in this song.
And I need to post it, because our lady Madonna would want me to be honest:

And I’m not sorry… for listening to Madonna for hours in my cubicle either, thanks for making my windowless cubicle a little more fun today Madge!


Corny Jokes with Lauren: Vol. 1

Oh, hey there internet!
Happy First day of May. I’m sure everyone was enjoying all those Justin Timberlake jokes about “it’s going to be May.” But now that we are firmly planted in May… I think we all need a chance to have a highly specific giggle about an 1980s Pop/Rock group “Hall and Oates.”

And yes, just in case you were wondering I’m taking that joke on my new comedy tour called “Things only I find funny”…

Wait, Daryl Hall is totally into this joke too:

It's so true... hahaha. *clap clap*
-- Daryl Hall
photo by: by Matthew Becker

Change that tour title to “Things that Daryl Hall and I think are funny.”

Also here’s the song because I assume you are singing it by now anyways:


A Message to Adam Levine

Hi there internet!

I went a bit on a bloggy vacation. I saw outside. It was glorious. I saw some mountains, I saw some oceans, I’m ready to draw!

I was talking to Nancy about cleaning out my closet. You know, giving nautical clothes away so other people can pull up anchor and enjoy some fine threads.

Any who the interesting part of this story was about a particular sweater that I have. It’s a sweater I use when I am in need of super comfy times. Like wickedly comfortable. It’s brown, knitted and familiar. But my mother noticed how truly familiar it is when she said… Adam Levine on “the Voice” has that sweater.

I said no way, and then I tuned in and much like the great 90s hit from Tag Team… “Whoomp,” there was my sweater. And not in just like 1 episode, he wears it for like 6 episodes straight!

Courtesy of the Voice &


I looked at my sweater, and came to this conclusion:

P.S. I hope he didn’t pay bonkers money for that sweater because I bought it for $20 at a street fair.


Robert Smith: American Hero

This is not my most rad drawing ever… but it is of a doodle of one of my favorite musicians.

This a stunningly accurate drawing of him by the way. Seriously I got his complexion down and his make-up is devastatingly precise.


Existentialism with P.Diddy

Todays doodle is an existential romp brought on by truly considering the lyrics chosen by Ke$ha in her song “Tik Tok.”

Have you ever really thought about what it would be like to “wake up in the morning feeling like P.Diddy”?

Give it a thought… because P.Diddy definitley wakes up differently than us causal folk… I bet some one brushes his teeth when he sleeps so he never wakes up with morning breath…