Isabel’s Birthday 2011

Today on the 26th anniversary of Isabel. I bring to you these 26 fun Isabel facts:

1. She is not a leprechaun.
2. She likes science.
3. She is most likely going to go to Clay’s Place for her birthday. Giggle Giggle.
4. The only t-shirts she owns are Weezer Shirts
5. She locks cats out of her room… when they are lonely.
6. She no longer murders in the name of science (Bonus)
7. She really likes Science!
8. She likes to watch Disney movies, that have questionable morals.
9. She has curly hair!
10. Has never entered a Jennifer Lopez look-alike contest… Mostly because she does not look like Jennifer Lopez
11. She also doesn’t look like George Lopez.
12. Has never been to Spain, although she believes I was there for like half a year.
13. She has dreamt of being the proud owner of a monster truck station wagon since her early teens.
14. She would never steal a seal… no matter how nicely you ask.
15. She really likes to listen to 90’s pop on Pandora… they play Hanson!
16. Has coupons to the zoo… she can get a discount on ICE CREAM!
17. Is the muse for many songwriters… but mostly for American Idol alumni’s, Yes you Lee Dewyze.
18. She is deathly afraid of “sticky residue”. Right now she just read “sticky residue” and shuddered…
19. She can tell you the precise location of the “fishin” rock
20. She doesn’t watch 30 Rock… but I forgive her.
21. She is going to start using words like “trolley” and “brilliant” due to British peer pressure.
22. She knows what kurflurgees are and she knows how to use them.
23. She is the only person who has ever completed the Oregon trail everyday… on the way to school (She lost so many oxen…)
24. She was once momentarily blinded by science. It was like poetry in motion.
25. Has been pasty way before Vampires became trendy!
26. She is probably thinking about Rivers Cuomo right now… see, I am right.

Happy Birthday Isabel


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