Club 27

Seriously. My birthday is finally here.

That means the whole calender year is nearly complete. But for me it’s a beginning. A new chapter.

And since my 26th year was one of the strangest, and most surreal 365 days of my existence and tentatively titled “The Passion of Unicorn” … I’m expecting my next 365 to be even more exciting.

I’ve been sharing my experiences on this blog all year so this post is going to be like one of those clip shows from the Golden Girls… except it will have awesome new material too. Because that is what I do.

So let’s kick it off with the old.

Things I’ve Learned in my 26th year:

Crepes are fantastic. And in the right moment, they can be life changing.

That every one deserves to feel like their life is a romantic comedy, even if it only lasts for a few hours.

That everyone should “be prepared to be surprised”, because if you keep your eyes open… you can see that life is made of them.

That sometimes you should just try to realize in the future things won’t suck in the way they do now… but it isn’t going to be perfect.

That the things you want, aren’t always what you need or get… but I will never settle for anything that is less than wonderful.

Some people in the world really just like you for who you are. And I send them my most sincere thank you’s.

There is no shame in telling people to “Wang Chung tonight” especially if you are sincere about these wishes.

Sometimes a churro makes everything better.

My optomistrist is right, I should have a tv show. Everyone would have died of anticipation during my sweeps month.

Even though loved ones have great intentions… no one but you, knows what is best for you.

Talk to strangers. Because sometimes awesome things happen. This is a shout-out to all my lovely blog readers who I have never met in real life but feel an affinity for!

And if there was a narrator to my life, it would be Drew Barrymore.

Things I will do in the next year:

Buy more red lipstick. I’m so tired of people trying to drag it down. I like it and it likes me. And I don’t care what dudes say about it.

Enjoy my girliness with reckless abandon. I’m 27 and I bought sparkly diamond mascara. #dealwithit

Finish up my new doodle store! Preview notice, it’s going to be called the “Viciously Sweet Shop” and it may be candy themed. Take that, Katy Perry.

Kick back and draw. Work is stressful enough, turning it into silly doodles ALWAYS makes it better

Blast through my ARE’s. Boy have I been procrastinating on those. I need to get my booty back in gear and get it done with.

Maybe the masters… I should probably add that to the list too. I mean if it’s out there… maybe I’ll do it.

Take more dance classes. I stopped doing them because I thought they were “uncool” during my teen years. Well teen Lauren was wrong… I love them, they are the best way to get out energy. And also the weirder the better. I like telling people that I Tahitian dance, and I love dancing around my office. And I think more dancing could help my confidence when I go out to places. Any suggestions of what kind?

Learn how to play the songs I love on Ukulele. I will then pull out said ukulele from my trunk and surprise serenade people.

Have a wonderful Lauren Birthday weekend!


I’m a Crepe… Oh I’m a weirdo

Sometimes the world is beautiful. Last night I went out with Nancy and her awesome coworkers. We dressed fancy went to Mad Men shindig and ate delicious crepes.

Need I say we were the most fancy people in all of Los Angeles last night. Dressed like we were in the 1960s looking fresh & fabulous:

Me, Edric, and Leslie being retro-rific! And the Photo was taken by Tang herself!

Now, looking on the bright side of things, we shall not focus on the fact that we as a group did not get to see Jon Hamm (a devastaion of a lifetime… am I right?) I’m thinking I still have a chance of breaking a dream catcher and hoping Sergio pops up:

Courtesy of: Sydrified

Oooh Jon Hammm. Oh wait, I was changing the subject… I was so excited for my crepe from the Farmers Market that I wanted to inhale it, and also cushioned the blow of the Hamm absence.

Let me tell you how I feel about crepes, the very thought of crepes makes me all smiley (fun factL so does Jon Hamm). I love when they make them and they look like pastry records… and when they are all put together they are like little pieces of heaven with sprinkly sugar on it. Also I like to sing my Crepe infused version of the Radiohead classic “Creep” when I get them too…

This is an artists rendering of me with my crepe:


Nancy’s coworker Edric had a crepe too. However, poor poor Tangy & Leslie gave dessert up for Lent. They were real Troopers though. I nearly hit Tangy with sugar and nutella as I flung my crepe at her in my excitement. Tangy thankfully is easily amused by tea:


(Also I need to make a Leslie doodle, But I need to make it right… Soon, Leslie!)

But the night was lovely, my crepe was delicious and it was a success because we had fun. And nobody was maimed in any of the incidents that occurred (LA traffic can hurt in so many ways).

And also it enlightened me and now I’m thinking of becoming a crepe spokesperson too… Here’s my first advertisement:

And that's like 100% of Lauren's! This Ad was paid for by Lauren's Right to Crepe foundation


When was the last time you had a crepe? Because I think the answer should be… RIGHT NOW!

♫Lauren (the best advertiser of Crepe’s ever!)