The Snail Mail of Joy!

A few moons ago I made a fun and funky fresh doodle of Jen from one of the best blogs ever Sips of Jen and Tonic, because she had inspired a new dream for me. Apparently when Jen saw her doodle it filled her days with joy and raptors:

The doodle actually changed her life in a “Amelie” like way. And through a series of events dispensing her own variety of justice, and dancing through the lush forests of Oregon with a gnome she lovingly calls Giuseppe. Jen decided to spread her new found doodle related joy by sending a little bit of her Tonic splendor down to this very Lauren, in the South of California.

So this little letter filled with ultimate happiness slid all the way down El Camino Real, and and landed at the right foot of my mailman. So excited that he wasn’t just delivering magazines and petsmart coupons, my mailman was on a divine quest to send a rare actual piece of mail. After standing tall with the letter in his hand he exclaimed to the sky, “Lauren needs this immediately” and waited until I got home to hand me this little friend:

And I was so excited, because that envelope was full of presents… and Lauren’s ♥ Presents!:

I felt like a child on the morning of Christmas, except this was an UNEXPECTED CHRISTMAS! So I decided to (jon) hamm it up with my new prize:

And to following my childish joy I decided to make like a teen show starring Ben Savage, and Introduce “Jen to the World”. So I showed her off to the fake Chicago in my room:

And then I tried to introduce her to my Norton the cat, but… He was very busy doing cat things:

You know how cats are. So I send you a doodle thanks for totally making my day:

And yes friendship to me means matching sailor outfits…

♥ & lollipops,

23 thoughts on “The Snail Mail of Joy!

  1. I love this!!!!! My two fav Americans in the same place??!!! Albeit by ultra sensational doodle! But still!!!

    I’m slightly confused as to how the envelope addressed like that actually made it to you my sweet Lauren…but this is not for me to wonder…just enjoy!

    PS…how do I get a matching sailor outfit??

    1. We’re going to need to include you in on this Jen! I think Port Friendship is located in Australia! So that means we’re coming your way! I’ve been behind in doodling, but I have a doodle of you in the works. I gotta show some appreciation to the Jen’s of the world!

      1. Knowing you’re working on a doodle of me has made my day!!

        PS Did you know that Port Friendship does excellent fish and chips?

      2. I’m so glad your impending doodle is making you joyous!

        And about the fish & chips…did you know it’s the official meal of friendship*!
        *Also clam chowder is a top ranked meal of friendship… especially in a bread loaf.

      3. All aboard the SS Super Rad Funship!!!

        And did you know what is on the menu this weekend? Since you mentioned clam chowder in a bread loaf…its got to be that. OMG – so hungry.

  2. OHMIGOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sitting here giggling like a school girl who just scored tickets to an NKOTB concert.

    I am so happy you love the prize, and seriously, you did it JUSTICE with this post! I love that my business card is very Godzilla-like atop that building. Also, your cat’s reaction is how one would expect a cat to react. They only get excited when you open a tuna can.

    You are so wonderful…reblogging now…

    P.S. I never told your grandma you gave me your address

    1. Yay! I hope those tickets are VIP passes, because our internet friendship is off the hook! We’re becoming an internet power couple! Thanks again so much, you and Australian Jen bring extra Jen-sparkle to my existence!

      And let us never tell my grandma.

    1. No butt kicking here! I think for added help you can read our hat letters. And just in case that doesn’t work I’m the short one… even if Jen is only 5′-1″ I am still shorter…
      Thanks for the comment!

      1. It can happen to the best of us. Thank goodness I still label things like a small child… or else the entire world would be in a “which-is-which” conundrum.

  3. Lauren, this was just too damn funny. Jen is hilarious, and I am sure that if you two ever got together this world would never be the same. Very cute doodle art too. Thanks for the laugh.

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