The internet wants me to like him

This morning I was listening to Green Day (pre 2003 thanks) and I of course had to click to see just a little of the video, as I was totally enamored of Billie Joe Armstrong for a good 35% of my girly life.

But then I noticed the advertisement… Um this is seriously random…

Somehow this correlation of Green Day and Ryan Phillippe doesn't make sense... I even googled this crap.

Seriously, I am going to get to the bottom of this Green Day/Ryan Phillippe mystery…
Also why doesn’t this ad tell me the title of this awesome movie???

Stop, Drop and Roll

I have been super bad at not posting… so here’s my update:

I swear I’ve had a cold for like 3 weeks, and I’ve been moderately hallucinating. On a brighter not I was going through my CDs and remembered when I liked Green Day.

I wished they sounded more like the Foxboro Hot Tubs (which is also them)

I love things that sound like the 1960s.


Isabel Stare-A-thon: Welcome to Isabel

Did you know the original version of “Welcome to Paradise” was about Isabel?

Well neither did 2/3 of Green Day either. After much arguing they used a synonym for staring at Isabel that made the song flow better… now most people know the song as “Welcome to Paradise”

However if you ask Billie Joe he’ll tell you the truth about his Isabel staring past:

Remember to stare at Isabel as long as you can today… she’s 14% more Isabely than yesterday.


This is so not my Jam

This is for people who want to watch music videos.

I give to you: 

Top 5 “no one would want this for their ‘jam’ songs”

Michael Bolton- “Can I touch you there?”

Yes this is a real song. This song sounds wrong… not just the innuendo of the title- but the very inapropriate pan flute. And may I add the fedora does nothing for Mr. Bolton, nor does splashing about in a river make anything about this song better.

Jewel- “Hands”

Okay this song would be like the weirdest song for a girl at a club to scream “this is my jam”… unless she really likes hands. And what club would play this???

Green Day – “21 Guns”

For all the reasons stressed in my previous post about Green Day. This is the whiniest song ever. And the answer to the following analogy


Mandy Moore- In my Pocket

This song is here for the obvious reasons. Mandy’s lame. And this song is about pennies!!! Secretly this is Isabel’s favorite song, an interesting fact.

And finally anything by Smash Mouth. If it were 9 years ago sure. But don’t try to get me into hearing ‘All Star’ now that I am 23 years old, because no it doesn’t rock. And yes, all I think about when I see it is “Mystery Men.”

My Hunk has Shrunk

Since we’re already focusing on things that we have lost…

I would like to add Billie Joe Armstrong’s regular man style and humor to the list.

I used to adore Billie Joe Armstrong… but now he wears more make-up than me and CARES ABOUT STUFF… ewww

And why is his voice so high and pitchy in “21 Guns” … I miss the days of Insomniac. I miss “Stuart and the Avenue” and his black jeans.

I miss when they looked like they just showed up for a music video… sans primping.

Now it seems like Billie Joe Armstrong takes longer than me to get ready.

I like when guys wear T-shirts and hoodies… to me this is appealing. I may be wicked off. But someone has to agree with me or there would be not t-shirts and hoodies.




Because it’s totally lame for you to be into style when you want to save the world. You don’t have to dress like you are giving a presentation for me to take you seriously.

Also looking like a bonus Jonas is bad.

So for my own sake I try to remember Billie Joe circa Nimrod… when all he cared about was having the time of his life.