My Hunk has Shrunk

Since we’re already focusing on things that we have lost…

I would like to add Billie Joe Armstrong’s regular man style and humor to the list.

I used to adore Billie Joe Armstrong… but now he wears more make-up than me and CARES ABOUT STUFF… ewww

And why is his voice so high and pitchy in “21 Guns” … I miss the days of Insomniac. I miss “Stuart and the Avenue” and his black jeans.

I miss when they looked like they just showed up for a music video… sans primping.

Now it seems like Billie Joe Armstrong takes longer than me to get ready.

I like when guys wear T-shirts and hoodies… to me this is appealing. I may be wicked off. But someone has to agree with me or there would be not t-shirts and hoodies.




Because it’s totally lame for you to be into style when you want to save the world. You don’t have to dress like you are giving a presentation for me to take you seriously.

Also looking like a bonus Jonas is bad.

So for my own sake I try to remember Billie Joe circa Nimrod… when all he cared about was having the time of his life.



5 thoughts on “My Hunk has Shrunk

  1. duuuuuuuuuuuuude
    i am 110% with you on this one. i used to be the most in love with billie joe. seriously, i think we must be around the same age because this bj 2.0 is not cool. although i have to admit, the new green day album did not blow my socks off by any means. still super fun in concert though!

  2. I feel so out of touch with this new Billie Joe.
    And I agree with you the new album was a total yawn fest…

  3. This Actually Made Upset. I Sound So Gay. I Mean Iwasn’t Even A Green Day Fan 8-9 Years Ago (i Was Like 5) But I Miss Him Even Though I Didn’t Know Him When He Was Like That. He Freaking Ruled Then. I Still Love The Band So Much. But I Wish They Were More Care Free Like They Used To Be =(

    1. I really appreciate you comment. I am usually told off by teenagers when I say things about Mr. Armstrong.
      And when you were 5 I thought Green Day ruled. I’m glad that you appreciate their pre “American Idiot” existence… as most kids wouldn’t listen to it
      And I too miss when they were carefree… getting caught up in all the world’s hate is both vague and lame.

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