Have a Loverly Eliza Doolittle Day!

As we all know I am really big into silly little holidays.
Today I’m going to run and tell Henry Higgins that I’m celebrating Eliza Doolittle Day!
And my fairy ladies, I think you should too!

Enjoy the following Limited edition doodles:

Christine as the super fab fancy bedazzled Eliza:

Isabel Doolittle is the classiest lady… and just like in real she can tell you off in a most fabulous manner:

Doodle Lauren as the Eliza with the biggest hat:

And finally
Jimmy as Eliza Doolittle… isn’t it loverly?

Holla At me Higgins:

I had to include that song as it is so very Yonadab.
Also seriously, why are men like that?
Have a truly wonderful and phonetically blessed weekend, I hope you are not in Spain, as that is where the rain falls mainly on the plain.


Ghosts of Jimmy’s past

I was thinking about all the Jimmys I have drawn since 2003.
Jamba Jimmy’s… Jimmy’s with Nutalie… Jimmy’s talking about gentrification… Jimmy’s at Genomart… Jimmy’s with Gwen Stefani crown houses… Jimmy and fountains…
I could go on forever with Forrest Gump like patience about the sheer amount of doodles I have drawn.
P.S. Jimmy and Abraham Lincoln.

Today I bring you an 7.5 year Jimmy doodle exclusive:


National No Socks Day

If you didn’t know… my friend Jimmy is not a fan of feet just hanging out without shoes.
He doesn’t condone the constant use of flip flops… which as I remind him are a staple of the Southern Califronian wardrobe…
He actually will probably be moderatly grossed out by this drawing:

Happy No Sock Day everyone!


The 90’s fantasy today

I’ve been in a 90s mood for a while, a lot of this is solved by listening to that Pandora 90s station that brings my 90s dreams to a reality. But the dangerous thing is now I’m going around town singing songs like “Lovefool” and “Poison,” poorly.

I wish I were listening to it on a crisp new walkman…

Hey Jimmy… don’t you wish you were listening to Natalie Imbruglia right now?

♫Lauren (the girl who shook Tina Fey’s hand)

Things I did not do

EXAMPLE #1: Actually get to watch “While you were sleeping”.
EXAMPLE #2: Eat fried chicken
I talked on the phone to Jimmy instead it went a lot like this:

Yes, this wasn't even an exageration... plus we talked about BULBOUS mandolins