Jimmy and the Fashion Statement

I would like to think I’m a very fashionable girl. You know, if you are into girls who as my coworkers call me “Dress Like America.” And by that they mean, I wear a lot of nautical clothing.

My Current Fashion Icon: Mary Ann Summers from Gilligan’s Island. Yep, I’m only 45 years behind in fashion/ updates in clothing. But who else out there has 7 straw purses for various straw purse occasions?

But lately someone is crashing my fashion forefront and that is my dear friend Jimmy. He’s becoming the trendiest trendster out there, and no he’s not buying stove pipe hats, and he’s not becoming a Lincoln impersonator.

He’s forsaken izod’s and polo’s and started to dress more like a happening dude of the 1930s… because that is how Jimmy’s are. I think all this is fine and dandy until he sent me a picture of an overly striped jacket with extra stripes on it…

And then he told me it was $800. And when my brain regained consciousness it could only make this doodle:

So much money for a sweater that doesn't work in the cold!


I told him there are better things to do with $800. Like take a trip to Chicago, go to Santa Barbara for a few days… Buy 3,200 chicken nuggets… Join a gym for 5 years… Buy uncountable erasers… get 1,600 prizes from a $.50 machine… give me $800 dollars…. Because if you don’t have Kardashian loads of money… friends don’t let friends buy $800 sweaters.

So Jimmy… no, to that sweater.


Into the Light of AWESOME

Today I made a post. And then I looked back at it and it was not the kind of post this Lauren wants to make. It was in fact such a downer, I am not going to post it at all. But I’m still going to tell you the meat of the issue (that is one gross term isn’t it?)

It was about someone I don’t like. I feel like I’ve mentioned it so many times, I’m blue in the face…. I think I’m done with it.

Cue the applause from my friends who have had to hear about it for years. Yes, I think I’m done. I have come to notice lately that this one particular person who super doesn’t like me… also doesn’t really mean a hill of beans to me either. And although I dislike having to interact with them, what can I really do about it? I would prefer she leave my bubble of existence, but it’s not going to happen. So I’m going to grin and bear it.

I feel the best way I can make this analysis is by saying this person is like a zit on picture day. They show up out of nowhere and try ruin my day, but then I remember I can always Photoshop it away!

Now, I’m not a saint or anything, I’m really just trying here. And I can accept this certain person and I both have flaws. I am here to say one of mine is not being crazy about her, but still I’m nice enough to not want to let her bring me down. I still think her dislike of me is unfounded, because I’m not as unscrupulous as her insecurities, or more so her jealousies would have her think.

I’m just a girl with a pink polka dot shirt, and a smile after all.

And that is how I’m going to stay. I would like to take this time to tell you I am going to lead myself away from the “Darkness of Suck” and into the “Light of Awesome.”

So with that thought I leave you this really bad rendition of Liberty Leading the People by Eugène Delacroix:

I call it "Les Mustachless"

I’m Outie. I’m going to go be giggly somewhere.


Happy Birthday Lincoln!

Today is a great day in history. Abraham FREAKING Lincoln’s birthday!

Also I have to make a post about this because my friend Jimmy is Practically Lincoln’s Sweet Valley twin. And they are both even February babies… so I am now totally convinced of my findings!

I have made a doodle of my proof:


Have a Great rest of the weekend people!


Congratulations Everyone! It’s Jimmy’s Birthday

Today I measured a warehouse with the most professional of measuring buddies. And I told him today’s most precious news.

It’s my friend Jimmy’s birthday.

Yes, magical Jimmy! I call him this because not  many people in the world would let you incessantly take pictures of them for 5 years straight, and rarely complain… well sometimes he did, but I took pictures anyway.

Basically, I've been capturing all the exciting moments since 2003

Well today Jimmy turns 27. Which makes me realize several things:

-I’ve known Jimmy for 9 years this August, and I have no ideas where the years have gone.

-I wish he’d become an Abraham Lincoln Impersonator… because he is tall, skinny and has brown hair (in my mind that makes you Abraham Lincoln)

-When are we going to go rummage through more thanksgiving postcards?

-I wonder if you are going to watch Carrie to celebrate your birthday, because if so I’m in.

-Will young James ever become a professional clog dancer? Or ever take a clogging class (I’m betting no)

-I wish that you would sing karaoke versions of Dolly Parton songs with me I would like to sing 9 to 5, thanks.

-Will you ever become the Where’s Waldo of Santa Barbara?


Okay I know that those are really strange observations… but I reserve only the best for Jimmy. And’ here’s the corresponding doodle:


p.s. If you like any of the things mentioned in this blog… like Waldo, Santa Barbara, Thanksgiving Postcards, Halloween movies and being weird… you should totally find Jimmy he likes those kinds of things


Happy Birthday Jimmy!


Dirty Trailer

Some people are very lucky to work in pristine, if not just slightly too Dijon colored offices. Others spend their days in an office that has the delicious smell of food mixtures, and then there is Jimmy:

Jimmy works in dirt. Dirt that is located in sunny destination hotspot, Pacoima. The next time you are there give him a wave. He’ll be the tall skinny one reciting lines from Carrie… he’s hard to miss.


Surprise Jimmy!

I have no idea why I doodled Jimmy as one of the toys that scared me the most as a child, but here we are with Jimmy as a jack in the box.

And I want you to know that I always store test myself to see if I am still afraid of them. The answer is yes, because I don’t like jumping-out-of-box surprises.

Bonus: What buildings are on the box? I bet Jimmy knows instantly!


Jimmy’s wishful thinking

There are some days when you just want to get away. Some people suffer from these days more than others for so many reasons.

Sometimes people take days off of work and have fun. Jimmy is doing that tomorrow, and I will be trying to figure out what color a weird-faux-spanish-style-previously-a-Big-Lots building should be.

I just can’t figure out a correct color scheme for it…. URG. I digress.

Here’s a doodle of Jimmy:

I tried to find where Jimmy is working. But, I just settled for a house in Pacoima

Best part, tomorrow… he gets to go there. Have fun Jimmy!