Gino’s Day Off

I love 80s movies.

If you know me or read this website you may already know this… because it’s one of my favorite thing to talk about.

Here is my interpretation of my co-workers and all around hilarious friends as Ferris Bueller and company:

I ended up being Cameron, because I couldn’t pull of that sweet leather jacket Elisa has on.

And Gino really needs that vest in real life. Ladies love leopard vests.

Danke schön!


An Homage to My Personal Hero: Navin Johnson

I know I talk about Steve Martin and “the Jerk” a lot, but it is one of my favorite movies with one of my favorite actors.

I do enjoy all the lovely comments I get from other people out there who know what I’m talking about when I say:
“Be Somebody”

courtesy of

Which I said the whole week I was in Hawaii last year. And basically what I say anytime I get something with an umbrella in it.

I also just appreciate all the joy the movie has given me in life.

Like aspiring to have my own Disco Hall with my own disco dancers.

courtesy of John Lund

The dangers of cat juggling.

Why although I am blind I will never use an optigrab.

Courtesy of Look Matic.

Open my mind to new foods. For example I still need to give pizza in a cup a try:

Courtesy of Cup O Pizza Blog!

And most importantly to never trust whitey.

And mostly I think I like the movie, because we’re all a bit of a Jerk sometimes. Not in an awful Jersey Shore way, but in a way that we don’t always see our own assy-ness.

(My sad reality, is that when my mom saw this she said “Oh its perfect, you are a jerk.)


P.S. Following Steve Martin on Twitter can change your life.

Dear Gerard Butler

I am a very girly girl. I like girly romantic comedies, and I also like to watch movies where butts are being kicked all over the place (and possibly in your face, thanks 3D.)
I will admit, these are two very different kinds of films. Sometimes actors mingle at the border of these two genres and boggle my mind.
Sometimes it works out well… and then sometimes, there is Gerard Butler…

Against all of my brain logic I decided to watch “The Ugly Truth” (even though I don’t really like Katherine Heigl) and yes … I wanted to stab my brain until the only thing I could remember was where I live and how much I like 30 Rock. I secretly kept watching hoping that it will get better, and would change my perspective on Katherine Heigl. It didn’t.
Then I started hoping it would turn a little more 300 and Mr. Butler would cut of Katherine Heigl’s head and set the rest of her on fire. But yet again this wish was not granted, and then I wished I had watched nothing at all. Not anything.

As a person who likes Gerard Butler kicking butts and toting weapons, and not being in the Phantom of the Opera, I implore you to read my doodle:

I mean seriously, Josh Duhamel needs some work too.

To Quote My Mother

Upon hearing me question why people are shitting bricks over Ashton Kutcher being on “Two and a Half Men” my mother responded:

“He’s a big movie star, just because you don’t watch movies with him in it doesn’t mean he’s not a huge star.”

Umm… Am I the only person who thinks he’s awful. I will just go watch “Outsourced” and try to pretend this convo never happened…

Also… does this mean my mom watches Ashton Kutcher movies????


What ever happened to the 90s Romance?

Last night Christine and I went to go see “something borrowed,” featuring a hot  in the face John Kransinski.

We thought it was going to be a really cute… lady film with really cute ladies… ahem Ginnifer.

What we got was the worst. The absolute stab your grandma in the face worst.

This girl did to her “best friend” what most people wouldn’t do to people they don’t like. I couldn’t do it, but we’ll talk about my being a chicken another time…

I would like to send this out to anyone else out there who saw this film… I was not team Rachel, or team Darcy… If I were picking teams I would be on Team Ethan (John K.) Seriously.

He was the only likable character and at the end of the movie when he Jim Halpert’s the best way he knows how… My heart was melted by his very adorableness… as did the heart of every other girl in the theater… and what we got was romanitcal bubkis.
To quote the other pair of girlfriends in the theater “Oh Hell No.”

I know that it was based on a book, but screen tests must have shown that every girl in the world would love this movie if they changed the ending… I mean we all know that we don’t get to ride off into the sunset on a train with Bill Pullman (a la “While you were Sleeping.”) But that doesn’t mean we don’t like fairy tales… especially if they involve running off to London with your hot friend and never coming back.
Editor’s note: Bill Pullman I’m still down for this… I’m just saying.

As a Note to the People… Please don’t see this movie if you fall under 1 or more of the following categories:
-You are on a date with your boyfriend, please don’t do this to him (unless you don’t like him, then by all means carry on.)
-You are out with a girlfriend (as you will be staring at each other for 20 minutes in a parking lot of the BJ’s, asking each other… did someone really make that movie… true story.)
-If you are by yourself, just go watch Thor, or go climb a mountain… you’ll feel better for it.
-If you like having 12 dollars.

However go see this movie:
-If you seeing it will save a boat filled with children from not being blown up by the Joker (Batman’s Nemesis).

Yes. That is the only acceptable reason to see this movie. Besides, hating yourself, and your money.


p.s. this movie made “Just Like Heaven” starring Mark Ruffalo.. not so bad.

Movies that I am going to watch

I totally pick the best movies to watch ever. This usually means I try to stay away from Kate Hudson who I have not trusted or really forgiven since “Fool’s Gold.”

But I can’t this time.
Because of Ginnifer Goodwin and John Kransinski.
I can’t even describe how adorable she is. She is like tops on the list of people I wish I were more like:

Also how freaking cute is this guy?

And this is the movie that they are in…

Also I think Kate Hudson is way older than 29… otherwise me and my 26-year-old friends may actually be 17….
I mean 29, come on.
But I digress, Christine please want to watch this movie with me. Because I will look really sad watching this alone with 3 entire buckets of lonely girl popcorn.

And one more thing:


Things that I am going to do

Today I kinda mental snapped. So no doodle today.Well I have one… it is just not to be revealed to the people. It involves me turning into Charlie Sheen. Which still may happen.

Tonight I started working on my future. So that is really exciting. Because I see a lot of things more like the Jetsons in my future… Also I see pizza in a cup… and Isabel having a child names “Manchild”. My future is awesome.
I’m going to watch a movie set in Chicago… preferably with Bill Pullman. Toodles.


30, Flirty & Thriving

I think you should watch “13 going on 30” because it’s awesome.

Go buy some razzles, and listen to some Pat Benetar…  I’m reccomending this because I have boundless energy today, and this isn’t the help of coffee or chicklets… or even razzles.

But I wish I were watching this and not my monitor…  because today at work I do not feel flirty or thriving…  if I were thriving I may be doing this:

and not this:

And remember to Wang Chung tonight.