Dear Gerard Butler

I am a very girly girl. I like girly romantic comedies, and I also like to watch movies where butts are being kicked all over the place (and possibly in your face, thanks 3D.)
I will admit, these are two very different kinds of films. Sometimes actors mingle at the border of these two genres and boggle my mind.
Sometimes it works out well… and then sometimes, there is Gerard Butler…

Against all of my brain logic I decided to watch “The Ugly Truth” (even though I don’t really like Katherine Heigl) and yes … I wanted to stab my brain until the only thing I could remember was where I live and how much I like 30 Rock. I secretly kept watching hoping that it will get better, and would change my perspective on Katherine Heigl. It didn’t.
Then I started hoping it would turn a little more 300 and Mr. Butler would cut of Katherine Heigl’s head and set the rest of her on fire. But yet again this wish was not granted, and then I wished I had watched nothing at all. Not anything.

As a person who likes Gerard Butler kicking butts and toting weapons, and not being in the Phantom of the Opera, I implore you to read my doodle:

I mean seriously, Josh Duhamel needs some work too.

2 thoughts on “Dear Gerard Butler

  1. hey Laura, dont be talking to Gerard Butler like that! hes a sexy man who does amazing in romantic movies. my favorite would be non other than The Phantom of the Opera. he was smoking hot in that movie.

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