Movies that I am going to watch

I totally pick the best movies to watch ever. This usually means I try to stay away from Kate Hudson who I have not trusted or really forgiven since “Fool’s Gold.”

But I can’t this time.
Because of Ginnifer Goodwin and John Kransinski.
I can’t even describe how adorable she is. She is like tops on the list of people I wish I were more like:

Also how freaking cute is this guy?

And this is the movie that they are in…

Also I think Kate Hudson is way older than 29… otherwise me and my 26-year-old friends may actually be 17….
I mean 29, come on.
But I digress, Christine please want to watch this movie with me. Because I will look really sad watching this alone with 3 entire buckets of lonely girl popcorn.

And one more thing:


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