I will always miss you Phil Collins

In this crazy week where I discovered my new favorite word “Biwinning” I thought I was on top of the world… Ahem, winning. Duh.
Today the internet told me that Phil Collins is retiring, you can read the article here.

I have been through phases where I want to stab my head in, due to the overplay of that song from Tarzan. But I never thought this day would come. I mean for a lot of people born in the 80’s Phil Collin’s music has been ingrained in your existence… Like this song:

I have unironically been listening to Phil Collins for the last fortnight… and just wanted you to know in a with a slight Natalie Imbruglia reference “this is how I feel:”

Also take at least this Phil Collins song with you (which is one of my faves):

Have a nice Phil Collins infused weekend.


West End Riot

I am so happy that Youtube sometimes links me to things I like…
I remember being in love with The Living End in middle school!
I used to listen to this cd like mad on my walkman.
Go Enjoy them:

You may remember them for this song though:


5 songs to make you forget Justin Bieber

Hi my name is Lauren. I’m 24 years old and totally not interested in current pop music because of things people call Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber. I have never heard a Justin Bieber song in its entirity and I never plan on it. But for some unlawful reason the internet is always packed full of his biberlicious face, and I’m quite sick of it.

I wish I could Eternal Sunshine the entire world from this phenomena. But I can give help to others like me with this bit of musical solace.

1. “One Headlight” from the Wallflowers. I’m sure Justin Bieber wasn’t even alive when this was originally released. This also proved with the help of Jacob Dylan that it is possible to be a heart throb without being a child.

2. “Underdog” by Spoon. There maybe a hidden mariachi in this video, but no hidden bieb’s:

3. “Freak of the Week” Marvelous 3. I was in love with this song and Marvelous 3 when I was in middle school. I put this on like every mix tape I made for my friends. I just had a penchant for guys with tattoos and guitars, okay? And I never had interest in those slicked-out backstreet boys…Obviously I would make a super bad current teen.

4.”1979″ by the Smashing Pumpkins. Surely a world that gives us “Melancholy and the Infinite Sadness” would certainly never Bieber us.

5. “Meet Virginia” by Train. I picked this song because I heard it yesterday on the radio, and it made me think of when the song came out and there wasn’t a Bieb in sight.

Have a Bieb free weekend!


half of my head has this song stuck in it

Seriously. This has been stuck in my head for 3hrs so far.

I am not like in love with Mr. Mayer especially because he seems a bit skeezy. But I like the lyrics in the song, he always gets me with his lyrics. I guess he’s a good musician but a bit on the James Taylor side when it comes to his ego…

Anyways here’s the song… its playing here and in my head:

And half of my heart wants a paper ring:



32 hours later this song is still stuck in my head!

Oh Fuse, I am in Misery

So I have been without my Fuse TV for 12 days now and I feel like I’m falling so far away from current music videos, or entertainment that fits my attention span.

So I either have to find them online or listen to Jimmy tell me about them.

Today I feel I must discuss 2 videos one described to me by Jimmy and one witnessed on Youtube, by 2 very different artists that kinda look similar:

So Jimmy super does not like this music video for “Misery” by Maroon 5. He told me it was 4 minutes of Adam Levine be all up, over and about some girl. SO, it’s a typical Maroon 5 video:

I am cool with this, and I think as always the song is catchy as hell. I also like that he is being beaten up in the streets of LA by some girl who looks like she way made up by Amy Winehouse. Ooooh also she likes knives, stabs his hand and also beats him senseless! I’m not so offended by this.

 On a side note: I am just not so cool with Adam Levine grinding and staring at me, it’s happened before when I had really good seats to a Maroon 5 concert, and I don’t ever want to be that close to him ever again.

The next music video is “Crossfire” by Killers-less Brandon Flowers (whose solo album is lusciously titled “Flamingos”). I do like the song and I do like the Flowers as previously stated about 20 times in this blog…but why is he in these predicaments? And why does Charlize Theron have so much time to rescue him? Why is he so happy to be in a straightjacket? Why is he not in this costume:

Eh, I still enjoy it.