Please don’t be Helpful Youtube

For some reason when you start typing in “Simon and Garfunkel” on Youtube it thinks you really mean “Single Ladies” from Beyonce until you finish the word “Simon”… then it asks if you really mean Simon Cowell.

Seriously Youtube, Simon and Garfunkel are pretty famous, maybe even more so than Miss Beyonce Feyonce Knowles… remember Mrs. Robinson, or “the Graduate” thanks internet.

But also I think youtube has inspired me enough to put a ring on S&G.

ring it


Checkerboard chick

Do you like No Doubt?

Do you have lots of money to spare on an outfit that will probably never ever fit you?

Well then I have found what you are looking for!

No Doubt is auctioning off clothes and instruments from last years, wickedly awesome tour.

Including this:

The money goes to a really great cause, the Children’s Hopsital of Orange County. The auction is June 1st to June 11th all up on the Ebay.

And if you buy it, make sure that you ain’t no holla back girl.


Music in mind

This weekend I did a lot of things… including go to a supermarket dressed in a manner too nice to be at a supermarket in. I ascertained this thought as the throngs of sweatpanted people flocked past me with looks of disdain.

At least the cashier appreciated my orange sundress, tiled necklace and casual brown heels.

I also think that whilst at the market I may have reminded people of Diane Lane in Must Love Dogs because all I bought was chicken, and a can of dog food.

I didn’t even have the John Cusack that makes buying chicken better:

Maybe someday he’ll carry my dog’s food. Or maybe I’d just settle to watch “Hot Tub Time Machine”.

I also helped someone totally thesis it up on Sunday. And I hope she does really well.

As a bonus to the whole weekend I received a hilarious voicemail from Jimmy that tells me he has a song stuck in his head. A song that is more that worth laughing at…

But then I thought of the song that has been playing in my head since I woke up:

Why are the songs in my head so mildly depressing? And Why is that song in Jimmy’s head at all??

Also It’s Isabel and Christine’s Birthday… time to celebrate!


The Times They Have Changed

I was talking on the phone last night to Jimmy pondering things in life…

Things like, why my cat is sleeping in the bag I take lunch to work in… why people watch “dancing with the stars”… Shannen Doherty as a large nearly philosophical topic….

and people who bust the music in their car so fully that I can feel their beats up in my car.

Yesterday this happened to me, and being equipped with a car that can make your ears bleed with its bumping potential I bumped “Hello Mary Lou” by Ricky Nelson.

The boy in the next car was shocked… I think by the beauty of Mary Lou, or my rad sound system.

Either way I thought about the difference in music from the 1950-60s and found that it isn’t too different from today. It’s just we say things differently now…

I enclose the following examples:

1950s version: Ricky Nelson’s “Travelin’ Man”

2000’s version: Ludacris “Area Codes”


1950’s version: Dusty Springfield “Wishin’ and Hopin'”

2000’s version: Britney Spears “Slave 4U”

Not so different are they?


This is when you Age yourself

I’m totally aging myself here but my radio started to play Incubus… and I remembered how totally hot I thought Brandon Boyd was when I was in High School.

Seriously Brandon Boyd, Billie Joe Armstrong, Dave Navarro, Julian Casablancas, Dave Foley were all staples of my group of friends celebrity man dreams…

And all of them ran on  pattern (except Foley)

This is not just because Brandon Boyd and I have the same curly Jesus hairdo:

There was just something about men who didn’t look like they combed their hair:

Yeah I’m old… watch this video:


“I want you to” … see this video

I’m so totally sad that Green Day is not as cool as Weezer.

As Weezer gets more radically awesome… Green Day slips into the mtv culture cesspool… see their “21st Century Breakdown” video directed by Marc Webb

Maybe it has to do with all the “Raditude”  that’s coming out Nov. 3, or maybe it’s the fact they are designing a snuggie…

I digress I was actually going to talk about their new music video “I want you to” which was also directed by (500) Days of Summer director Marc Webb.

The colors, the clothing, and the humor are spot on and totally in line with the fashion and musical senses of Weezer. Also I love the flair of the Twilight Zone splashed around in this video.

I must show a few still shots from the video because I’m a terrible mess at embedding.

Firstly I’m suprised Isabel has never vacationed here:

And here’s some River’s I’m digging his hair:

And this is Brian who is a slick, and dreamy car attendant:

I think Scott should always wear suspenders:

And here’s Pat playing a “dangerous” game”:

Here’s a very strange barber shop quartet consisting of exponential weezies:

and finally the whole band mostly together:

I can’t figure how to embed the video so you can see Weezer’s awesome video for ” I want you to” at the linky here. Enjoy!


Jimmy’s Musical Doodles

There are many times when we are guilty of schadenfroh, or taking glee in the midst of others pain.

here is one of those moments, brought to you by me!

Here are some doodles of Jimmy as current musical icons:

 and of course as Lady G! the queen of whatever it is that she does…

You took joy in this.

Sorry Jimmy