(M)otters and (D)otters

I like to make people really excited about not really exciting things.

I consider it a talent.

Eating and growing vegetables, going to the optometrist, buying hairspray at pharmacy… I can make these things/events seem like the best thing that could ever happen to you. I mean have you been to a CVS… they have everything including hyper ugly statuary! And $.99 plates shaped like dog heads!

So let’s get back to the making people excited part of this story. My mom has been having a hard time with work lately (seriously does anyone like where they work right now?) And I decided in my own goofy gander way to cheer her up.

She doesn’t need any thing… because she makes the little mermaid look like a minimalist. I mean I have asked her to borrow a black sweater a few weeks ago and she has told me I have 8 options, not including the sparkly ones.

So I was like… what can I do to make her smile?

She doesn’t really seem like she wants to go out to a restaurant after she gets home. And seriously I am not into hearing critiques on my cooking (totally different story).

And then I was like… hmmm a doodle sounds great!

And then I remembered how much she loves sea otters. And I remembered how much I like puns. So I made her this:

She bought a frame to hang it up in her house. And yes the little otters are obviously me and my sister. Really great depictions too.



And I’m big girl excited to take the next few days off and be a tourist in my own town. Stay-cation here we come!