Make It Big!

Noel and Liam Gallagher.

The Jackson 5.



All musicians that make beautiful music with their family members. Notice who is not on that list, Christie & Lauren… And for all you jazzy readers out there, that would be me and my sister.

So we may not have the rivalry of Liam and Noel… nor do we have the stage presence of the Jackson 5. Actually we barely know how to play instruments. But that is not the point, it shouldn’t stop our musical dreams.

Christie and I have discussed the possibility of taking our love of WHAM! on the road. And calling ourselves “LADY WHAM! a Wham! Experience”… but we have one very important problem:

Wham! Bam!

Now if my brother wants to be the Andrew Ridgely… We can get this show on the road… but I have a feeling he may not want to… because he doesn’t want to revisit his time with “the mullet”:

But Tony could totally pull this off!
Image Courtesy of: FANPOP!

Anyways, we will probably never resolve this issue… and time can never mend the careless whispers of a Wham! coverband.

Have a wonderful day everybody…. and yes, I would make the better George Michael.


13 thoughts on “Make It Big!

    1. Oh Cakes, You know so much about Wham!
      This makes me adore you more, and I didn’t even know that was possible. I’m going to tell my sister our coverband is back on!
      In the words of Wayne & Garth “Game on”

      1. I could be wrong tho, (maybe I am thinking of Milli Vanilli :P ) George was the big star anyways.
        So get this… Shortly afterthe WHAM split, Ridgeley moved to Monaco, and tried his hand at Formula Three motor racing. Meeting with little success, Ridgeley moved to Los Angeles in pursuit of a career in acting.
        What is Formula 3???? wheels tied to Orange crates??? and I think we know how his acting career turned out.
        I love that saying… it is VERY Canadian. ;)

      2. I think formula 3 must be something more like making Dr. Pepper soda. Except with 20 less tries at the formula?
        Or maybe it involves baby formulas? Or maybe even mathematics… and like every time you solve a problem your crate moves a meter.
        Anyways, no one really wants to be the Andrew Ridgely… unless you want to be like Hugh Grant in the movie “Music and Lyrics” which I believe is very much about Wham!

        Thanks for all the fun info. ♥♥

  1. Unfortunately, your brother believes he really did pull off “the mullet,” along with shorty shorts and neon shirts….oh, the poor man. Hahaha

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