Penguin Appreciation Day

Today is a very nice day in which we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.

Some people get the day off.

Some cities throw parades.

Most people just think about how much better a place we live in now than when you could get harmed for believing in equality. And that all people are the same, even if they don’t look the same.

But I do not feel like I could properly draw  a doodle to describe the importance of these celebrations.

And then Veronica inspired my by sharing with me another holiday of today that is much more easy to draw.

So while thusly celebrating the importance of MLK day… I bring to you the other holiday that happens today:

Penguin Appreciation Day:


So today when you are sitting back thinking about how amazing your life is right at this moment, because of all the things people in the past have done for us… please also think of a penguin.

Especially my brother who is so far up in Alaska that not even a penguin wants to be there.


Penguins & Thons… Oh my.

I have been having a blast this week!

The last two days have been fantastic…

I mean really honestly I can say that when certain peeps aren’t around… even work feels like a vacation. Which is great because I haven’t taken a vacation day since my family came into town in May. And I needed a stress free day or two.

I had to stop myself from bursting out into “La Isla Bonita” right now. I am just that thrilled. I feel like a penguin on Holiday… which is the best segue I could think to get to this little dude:

I feel like a summer penguin.

And also I know the trouble that I got into the last time I started photoshopping a coworker… but maybe this time it will end up differently. And with that I present to you my newest coworker, Thon in a Mara-thon:

This is my new favorite thing to photoshop. And in his hand is obviously a bud vase… never a solitary glass..

Happy Friday!


The Legend of FANGUIN!

This morning I was so excited that I was going to Seaworld tomorrow… only to find out my ticket is not Valid for tomorrow!

At first I thought maybe tomorrow is blocked because of the summer, or some event that involves a private Christina Aguilera Parade, or perhaps Sea World is releasing all their animals back into the world Free-Willy-style and is spending the 4th recapturing them… But then through not a lot of deduction I realized the real culprit is…


He’s rather evil, and he’s turning all the fishes against the trainers and what not, they are all just little floating zombies. I hope they don’t get to the mermaids!