Penguin Appreciation Day

Today is a very nice day in which we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.

Some people get the day off.

Some cities throw parades.

Most people just think about how much better a place we live in now than when you could get harmed for believing in equality. And that all people are the same, even if they don’t look the same.

But I do not feel like I could properly draw  a doodle to describe the importance of these celebrations.

And then Veronica inspired my by sharing with me another holiday of today that is much more easy to draw.

So while thusly celebrating the importance of MLK day… I bring to you the other holiday that happens today:

Penguin Appreciation Day:


So today when you are sitting back thinking about how amazing your life is right at this moment, because of all the things people in the past have done for us… please also think of a penguin.

Especially my brother who is so far up in Alaska that not even a penguin wants to be there.


5 thoughts on “Penguin Appreciation Day

  1. MLK DAY : A very significant holiday to be sure. I recall a turning point in my life linked to civil rights and the struggle for equality among Americans. Growing up, isolated so to speak, in the center of Oklahoma, I remember thinking “what is the big deal with civil rights?” Can’t people just get along in those places where news cameras can’t avoid an angry crowd scene? Then someone fire-bombed a church and killed those innocent little girls. Watching the news bulletins, my dad and I were shocked into silence. Disbelief chilled Oklahoma like an Arctic blizzard. This isn’t possible, not in America, not nowadays!. I vowed racism and intolerance would be eliminated from my journey forward. And then MLK was assassinated. Racists and promoters of violence became my personal enemies.
    On a lighter note, penguins are awesome. Unless the unicorns and mermaids are out, I’m thinkin’ about penguins 24/7.

    1. That was an amazing MLK day story. And very much why I didn’t want to make light of it in anyway with a doodle. People all have these significant stories. This is what changed America. I remember the stories my grandmother would tell me about being a Hispanic person in Los Angeles. She was very light skinned, but her siblings were not, and they had to use things labeled “colored”. They couldn’t swim in the public pools unless it was on a special day (the day they cleaned out the pool) and they couldn’t have dances or concerts at the same places as other people. Thinking about that makes me very sad, and very happy that we have advanced so much as a country. I couldn’t imagine how sad that would be to be scared to go places because of the part of the world your family comes from. We all just need to remember people are people, and everyone is different and we all want to be happy.

      Also I’m glad to know you think about penguins, unicorns, and mermaids too. They are like top 10 thoughts in my brain :)

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