Measured in Melody

Yeah… it’s been a long time.

I don’t know if anyone comes on here anymore.

But I still kinda exist in the world. And I’m always making art.

But I’m not always writing stories, which is kind of a bummer… and I’m wickedly out of practice.

For a quick countdown of updates of what’s happened in my life since my last post read below:

  1. I have have several new jobs- one of them is moderately successful freelancer of illustration
  2. I have helped several companies make graphics for marketing purposes
  3. I’m making a book
  4. I have gone from not visiting New York ever to visiting it 2 different season of the last year. I took a train between states in the United States and that was weird.
  5. I have seen seasons… and discovered there aren’t really any in California.
  6. I never grew taller
  7. I made a stunning mermaid Halloween costume
  8.  I learned about premiere league soccer
  9. I have an instagram where sometimes I even show my own face: viciouslysweet08
  10. I’m still obsessed with music and illustrating people who I see every day

just a song away

It’s good to be back,


Think Pink

I am so stuck in summer.

I can’t believe it wants to end!

I made this doodle as an homage to summer and to Jimmy who is obsessed with all things flamingo:

mingo mingo

I imagine that if we were birds Jimmy would be a flamingo. All tall and eating shrimp.

If I were a bird, I’d be a hummingbird, just small and never staying in one place.


A Beautiful Conference

Today I was given the daunting task of putting all of the fixtures my company uses in the conference room to be reviewed by the head honchos of the company.


My boss naively told me to pin-up on the north side of the conference room. I told him that I may need a little more space than that.


Flash forward 2 hours later all 3 walls of the conference room are covered in our fixtures. Actually every surface had fixtures taped on it, besides the glass wall. And even that wall had fixtures pinned up on it’s column.

It was pretty overwhelming to see that many drawings all at once… it actually reminded me of something… something from a movie:

it was like a ‘beautiful mind’ but a lot less exciting

Boy is there going to be a lot of work to get done tomorrow.


Another slice of Cake(s)

Hi internet!

Today I had a kinda crunchy day. No, that was not a typo. I was rear-ended when trying to get an affordable lunch. All  I can say is neither me or the girl have any serious problems, just some achiness. Also,the lunch didn’t really taste like the majesty of savings I had anticipated.

But… there is always a brighter side. So I tried to think of something I could draw on my salvaged work paper… Something that would make me smile as I drew? And then I thought of pretty much the best thing ever… I could draw an extra fancy drawing of one of my readers!

And today that person is the lovely, hilarious, and well written Cakes McCain of “Pasta For One”!!!!

Although I have never met her in real life, I feel like Cakes is a sister in the world of girly activities. I think she’s super amazing for running away from North America for that sunny peninsula of a country… Italy! In the land of the Pope, she set our to find love and fortune. I mean how romantic of a notion is that? Who does that nowadays? Answer: Awesome people. And although she has now re-graced the soils of America, all of her Italian adventures serve as a hilarious anecdote in the world of dating and being a young woman of the world. Some other quick reasons I adore her… She understands the importance of “13 going on 30” in a grown up woman’s life, she knows how to Wang Chung, she has given me some stunning advice about enjoying my own life… and most importantly, she shares her world in a Bridget Jones like fashion, with hilarious results.

I do suggest you READ HER STUFF! It’s really funny, and sometimes the visual aids she uses to describe things will make you snort in your cubicle, at lunch, or even while you are sitting in bed with a cat. It’s really happened. And it’s happened more than once.

Also, I have been trying out a few new drawing styles and I’m testing it out with this doodle. It’s a little fancier than my usual blog stuff… So, I hope you like it Cakes! It was very fun to draw. And it’s been really nice knowing you in type.

Illustrated Cakes was the best part of my afternoon!

Now that I know all of you have read her blog, and marveled at her illustrated spaghetti of love. I hope you totally get why I have such a good time reading and knowing this fabulash lady. And maybe the next time I doodle a reader it may be you!


Isabel Stare-a-thon 2012: Up Close and Personal

As a safety reminder I just want to say that I know that the stare-a-thon is very exciting. But please don’t hurt yourself while trying to get that upclose stare. You may not really be there in person. And I cannot send tylenol to everyone who whacks their head on their computer screen.

This is mostly because I use advil and don’t give out my address to strangers. Be safe starers.


Professional Quote of the Day: December 15th

Good Afternoon Professional Quote of the Day Fans!

It’s time that time of the year to start…. getting more professional. And to get others into the professional spirit.

While gallantly trying to save my work computer from the virus filled world buzz feed created on it a few weeks ago. Eric had to call a few companies about the softest wares on my computer, and all their proper installations. When discussing my ability to make and use spread sheets he said today’s dandy professional quote.

And since I have no Photoshop to manipulate this event…  I then collected the quote in a tiny mason jar tied it to 14 balloons, and sent it into the mountain air, and this is what the mountain returned to me.

Photoshop, 2012 will be our year…


Happy Birthday to the DAB!

I am not usually this brave…
But I have been photoshopping Dab as he sits right next to me.
And I believe he has NO IDEA of this!
I am of course celebrating the fact that tomorrow is his glorious 26th brithday!
And I am celebrating this with album covers the Dab has posed for without his knowledge…mostly because Eric is always carrying a camera…

1. Spicy Beach Dab… This happened when the Dab and Eric were having spicy beach adventures…

2. Spicy Accordian Dab… for only Eric.

This actually happens every week... I think wednesdays...

3. Weird firefighter Dab? I actually have no idea about those weird freaky tubes are… I am just going to assume some sort of technology

4. Reclining Dab… with reclining action, this picture was obviously taken… at the house of the golden girls.

5. Plunging neckline Dab… I have no idea when this was taken, I am going to assume on Gaston appreciation day….

Happy Birthday Dab!
Don’t worry I’ll photoshop Eric next. I have permission :)

Lauren’s Personal Thoughts w/ Lauren

Okay I know that there is some sort of respect and well wishing that must be sent to the people experiencing incredible devastation 5,000 miles from here.
And of course I send them well wishes, prayers, and safety!

But now to my more localized thoughts. Yes I have real thoughts! And here they are!

* I am happy that I did not give up Tina Fey related media for Lent, because Christine and I are going to see her (AND STEVE MARTIN) in LA next month. I could pass out for the joy that some of my dreams are actually ALIVE!

Seriously, and they aren't even musicians!

* I have mixed feelings about violence towards the Dab… who would have had to remove the heel of my shoe from his face if I had missed a night with Tina Fey and Steve Martin. And because I feel like I still may hit him, just because.

In his rostro y mas.

* I am really excited to see Isabel this weekend because witnessing her in real life is so much better than textually online.

*I can’t believe I made it through this week without cursing at people during work. (They totally deserve it) Not Amber though :) Also you should never make a girl mad who can photoshop with reckless abandon!


I am really sad that I never posted folkerico… which is Eric photoshopped on a woman folklorico dancer… if you couldn’t figure it out, shame on me for being nice.

*Also I would like everyone to know that you can say whatever you like about me, and you don’t have to like me or anything of the sort. But personally, I think I’m pretty rad (and I think you know it too):

Have a nice weekend and be safe and delicious!