Professional Quote of the Day: October 12th

Good Afternoon Professional Quote Enthusiasts!

There has been a serious lack of professionalism on this blog lately and I am going to bring an end to it!

Have you ever been in the presence of a professional whose reports are so pristine, drawings so flawless, details so error-less. And you want to give them a professional salute?

Then beads of sweat appear on your brow, and dread fills your innards. How do you give a professional salute? Is is a high-five? No, too Bill and Ted. Is it with 2 fingers? 4? All 10?

Well worry no more Professional Eric is back with the PQOTD and he’s going to teach you about professional protocol:

*Relief* Now I know what to do next time! And apparently 4 finger salutes are for hippies. And they don’t salute professionals.

Professional Quote of the day: September 9th

On this casual friday on this September day, one of the best things ever was said at lunch…
With that brief and beautiful intro, I bring you the professional Quote of the day:

Which is the only professional way to lunch, otherwise your waiter may not know you are a treasured professional. And that would be heartbreaking to the Treasured Professionals Union (TPU, if you would.)

And just in case your all like… whoa girl, that isn’t funny at all.
There is this barely photoshopped photo of Eric (seriously, I only added one letter):

P.S. Hey there, reflection of Dab!

Happy Friday!

Professional Quote of the Day: August 30

Today’s Professional Quote of the day is a simile to the natural environment… where fish belong in water, ponies belong in grassy fields, socially awkward teens belong in Hot Topic, and professionals belong in… New York

Look at all his people:

Thanks for the Professional Photo Wiki News!

They are both equal parts glorious, and productive!

Professional Emails

I got this in my email.

It’s so professional:

I must say I really like those red shoes.

It also makes me feel so terrified that I have worked so long with the Professional One that I may be a professional now too.

Pretty soon all my clothes will look like this:

Bring on the Power Suit.


This Marathon is brought to you By:

Professional Eric.

And Professional Eric related services.

If you Ever need him and you don’t have a phone near by remember to sing the Professional Eric theme song and he will appear… kinda like ghostbusters BUT way more professional.

Professional Eric 117% supports the Viciously Sweet couples marathon.


Music From a different… Cubicle

Today I have been sent to work in Eric’s cubicle because my computer is acting mondo weird. It is weird sitting in this location because I see the dab from a different angle than ever before. And because I call Eric professional Eric, I feel so mighty professional in his Cubicle.

I also feel like I can get caught at any moment typing something greviously stupid. Perhaps this is why Eric seems so professional…

Back to Work.