The Fortress of Solitude

I have been having a bad time at work. Because I haven’t been being myself or being honest. I have not been giggles and Wang Chung. I was being the person I thought everyone would rather me be, and I was making myself miserable.

Yesterday, I found out that even though you make situations really bad, it can all be fixed. And sometimes that person you think hates everything about you, doesn’t really… just some where your words and actions got lost in translation and made things worse than they ever had to be. And sometimes you can’t choose how important certain people are to you, and although it can really suck. It can also be really awesome sometimes…

Anyways, last week and yesterday until lunch I really just wanted to be alone… Because 6 personalities in 1,000  S.F.  (that is including a bathroom and storage) is very hard to deal with. Especially when you are fighting with 1/5 of the people you work with.

I contemplated working in a more secluded spot… so logically I thought working in the Fortress of Solitude could really work out for me:

But alas… we couldn’t figure out how to link up the phone with all those large ice crystals. And, I don’t think I would have survived very well in solitary confinement. and none of my coworkers agreed with this doodle.

Here are the reactions of my coworkers:

Dab: “That’s such a freaking lie! I just don’t see that working out for you”

Professional: “I think it wouldn’t be solitary for very long. Actually you are the only person who could probably unsolitude the fortress of solitude”

Amber just knowingly giggled.

I guess I should probably invest in a batcave… especially if I can be there with Joseph Gordon Levitt.


Today was a good day. I hope you had a good one too.


It’s never too late… for lobsters

Today I’m really excited because of several things.

-Being at work was a real dream today. I witnessed my coworkers get in a really heated conversation about religion, I somehow changed the subject to Greek Mythology… I got a lot of work done, and checked over. And did mention I sneaked in some creative moments while my computer over-reacted to life.

-Tonight, I eat clam chowder. And since the weather is a little crisper in California now than it usually is… this chowder is going to be a real treat.

– I am wearing a red leopard sweater that makes me feel like a million dollars! Which I got from Vintage Dreams… and I love it and I love Lucy, the owner of the store. Who earlier this year gave me some great advice about being worth more than the mess I found myself in at the time, and to “Never waste your prettiness on people who don’t deserve it”. I am eternally for those kind words, also I blush ♥.

-I get to see my bff in all her glory today, and she will have a plethora of pens to my notebook of paper. I hope we laugh so hard that we cry. And cry so hard we laugh, and eat candy… I could use some candy and a drink.

– Yesterday I received 3 books in the mail! 3 WHOLE TANGIBLE BOOKS!!!! Now I may not be Belle or anything like that, but I felt like singing when I saw that Amazon box sitting in my living room filled with leafy knowledge. I brought one of those books to work, and I feel like a queen.

– I was reminiscing about an art exhibit I saw early this year the California Modern Exhibit at LACMA and created a new goal for myself. To own an incredible swimsuit that has an incredible lobster on it. I would wear it all the time, and probably under my clothes so I can Superman into my lobster swimsuit when necessary…

“Is that a lake? I feel some swimming coming on”. *rips off dress to reveal lobster swimsuit, and proceeds to jump in water*

This could be a really cool thing actually…

And to my coworker that keeps calling me a lobster… I think this was inspired by you. Also I still don’t get why I am a lobster? Is there any reason for this?

And if I am a lobster because of a reference to “friends” you suck so much, that I cannot fully explain with words. Also you don’t really suck, I just don’t want to be that person’s “lobster” they are too much to deal with.


I’m no Superman

Today I’m out in the world away from the old computer, and even more so away from the office. It’s not like I don’t like work. I just needed some time to be away, recharge. I foresee some trying times ahead, and well I might as well have fun before I have to face those problems like I’m a Spartan in the  Peloponnesian War.

I’m sorry to burden the good people of the internet with my silliness… But here it is: I see all the imaginary train tracks of my problems are pointed towards each other and are poised to crash at any minute. Simply because I trusted the wrong person for too many years, never thinking someone would have bad intentions towards a-this-gal. And all I know is that I have to soldier on through this bad time, and maybe the trains/problems won’t crash at all, maybe the train full of problems will make it through in the nick of time missing the collision with my everyday good time train. And somewhere some evil villain will curse the sky.

I just know as I was told there is not going to be a knight on a white pony to save me from it… I mean seriously, how would a guy in metal and a pony be helpful in that situation… I’ll just be optimistic that Superman will swoop in and save the day, he always saves people at the last moment.

I hope Lois doesn’t get all jealous. Because I will supply him with many doodles as payments.

Maybe I need to listen to my sister in law, maybe I need a more permanent change of scenery… but for now… vacation.