The Fortress of Solitude

I have been having a bad time at work. Because I haven’t been being myself or being honest. I have not been giggles and Wang Chung. I was being the person I thought everyone would rather me be, and I was making myself miserable.

Yesterday, I found out that even though you make situations really bad, it can all be fixed. And sometimes that person you think hates everything about you, doesn’t really… just some where your words and actions got lost in translation and made things worse than they ever had to be. And sometimes you can’t choose how important certain people are to you, and although it can really suck. It can also be really awesome sometimes…

Anyways, last week and yesterday until lunch I really just wanted to be alone… Because 6 personalities in 1,000  S.F.  (that is including a bathroom and storage) is very hard to deal with. Especially when you are fighting with 1/5 of the people you work with.

I contemplated working in a more secluded spot… so logically I thought working in the Fortress of Solitude could really work out for me:

But alas… we couldn’t figure out how to link up the phone with all those large ice crystals. And, I don’t think I would have survived very well in solitary confinement. and none of my coworkers agreed with this doodle.

Here are the reactions of my coworkers:

Dab: “That’s such a freaking lie! I just don’t see that working out for you”

Professional: “I think it wouldn’t be solitary for very long. Actually you are the only person who could probably unsolitude the fortress of solitude”

Amber just knowingly giggled.

I guess I should probably invest in a batcave… especially if I can be there with Joseph Gordon Levitt.


Today was a good day. I hope you had a good one too.


8 thoughts on “The Fortress of Solitude

  1. Yaayyy,,I like happy Lauren,,but you are allowed to have a few bad one’s too, considering you spend more time with your co-workers than family!

    1. Thanks, I like a happy me too! And the situation with my coworker is the fact we were like office besties. We were like the Jim and Pam (Office tv show reference) of this place, and then something happened… like if you have ever seen the show there was a moment where Jim crossed the line with Pam in the office after an office “casino night”. That exact thing happened in my real life. And we let it poison our friendship because we both thought it was what the other wanted. And it turned out, we just want to be normal with each other… and we were too stubborn to say so. Hopefully my 40+ hours can be more pleasant now that we are trying to work out the weird.

      And Jen if you read this comment, I think you may understand why some types of posts are no longer featured on this website… I’m kind of sorry about that it’s just a little weird.

      Long comment over.

      1. I understand, I really do. Sometimes we do things we wish we could take back, or at least would have handled differently. Been there!

        I’m glad you’re getting back to your old self. We missed her around here.

      2. Thanks, I think I really needed to hear something like that. It was a situation that I didn’t want to ever write out on this blog, textually. But at the same time, it was really killing me.

        And maybe someday… that specific topic will come back to the site… and I know, you know what I’m talking about ;)

      3. OMG,,,yah,,I soooo totally understand!!
        It’s kinda like when you go out with a co-worker to a wedding of their friends, and you get super drunk and puke all over the woman’s washroom and it just happens that you have been drinking red wine all night,.
        And your too drunk to clean it up,,and it’s a legion where the wedding party is responsible for the clean up,,,and your friend had to do it.
        Then the next day you feel like shit,,,and try to avoid that person at work for the longest time because you “think” they are pissed at you.
        But,,,in reality they think it was the funniest thing ever!!???
        Oh,,and that never happened to me (just saying)!

      4. I wish it had been that funny. It was in the moment thinking about it… perfect for a romantic comedy ending. But our lives don’t consist of vague happiness after investing an hour and a half into it.

        The whole event was very surreal. I didn’t know what was happening. And the next thing I know there was emotions and professions of feelings, and honesty I was not prepared for. And I was still confused. And then there was meanness and confusion on both our parts. Actually thinking about it… I’m usually confused.

        Ah, well it happened. I can’t explain any of it. But I can think about it with a silver lining. For a few hours… I may have been in a romantic comedy.

        I just wish there had been more like a 90s Bill Pullman in it…

    1. Aww Jen. You know how to make a girl feel so special! I finally feel 100% like me again. If you want to fill in the blanks of the situation read my response to Nikkix2. I think you will find it to be the horn of plenty of revelations.

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