I’m no Superman

Today I’m out in the world away from the old computer, and even more so away from the office. It’s not like I don’t like work. I just needed some time to be away, recharge. I foresee some trying times ahead, and well I might as well have fun before I have to face those problems like I’m a Spartan in the  Peloponnesian War.

I’m sorry to burden the good people of the internet with my silliness… But here it is: I see all the imaginary train tracks of my problems are pointed towards each other and are poised to crash at any minute. Simply because I trusted the wrong person for too many years, never thinking someone would have bad intentions towards a-this-gal. And all I know is that I have to soldier on through this bad time, and maybe the trains/problems won’t crash at all, maybe the train full of problems will make it through in the nick of time missing the collision with my everyday good time train. And somewhere some evil villain will curse the sky.

I just know as I was told there is not going to be a knight on a white pony to save me from it… I mean seriously, how would a guy in metal and a pony be helpful in that situation… I’ll just be optimistic that Superman will swoop in and save the day, he always saves people at the last moment.

I hope Lois doesn’t get all jealous. Because I will supply him with many doodles as payments.

Maybe I need to listen to my sister in law, maybe I need a more permanent change of scenery… but for now… vacation.


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