Professional Quote of the day: September 9th

On this casual friday on this September day, one of the best things ever was said at lunch…
With that brief and beautiful intro, I bring you the professional Quote of the day:

Which is the only professional way to lunch, otherwise your waiter may not know you are a treasured professional. And that would be heartbreaking to the Treasured Professionals Union (TPU, if you would.)

And just in case your all like… whoa girl, that isn’t funny at all.
There is this barely photoshopped photo of Eric (seriously, I only added one letter):

P.S. Hey there, reflection of Dab!

Happy Friday!

Professional Quote of the Day: August 24th

Today’s professional quote shines a little bit of professional light onto the world of contractual obligations.

Just a word of advice from this Lauren to you (please, sing that in the style of Spice Girls “Wannabe.”)
If you want to work with Eric… you’ve got to get professional.

Make sure your contracts are crisp, and thorough, otherwise you may have a grumpy professional on your hands:

And much like the Hulk you don’t want this professional angry


(Professional Correction: “That should have been made clear in the beginning before we’re in the contract. That’s the professional way” [slams hands on wall, while correcting me, and trying to convince me and Yonadab he wasn’t already mad when this happened.])

Happy Birthday to the DAB!

I am not usually this brave…
But I have been photoshopping Dab as he sits right next to me.
And I believe he has NO IDEA of this!
I am of course celebrating the fact that tomorrow is his glorious 26th brithday!
And I am celebrating this with album covers the Dab has posed for without his knowledge…mostly because Eric is always carrying a camera…

1. Spicy Beach Dab… This happened when the Dab and Eric were having spicy beach adventures…

2. Spicy Accordian Dab… for only Eric.

This actually happens every week... I think wednesdays...

3. Weird firefighter Dab? I actually have no idea about those weird freaky tubes are… I am just going to assume some sort of technology

4. Reclining Dab… with reclining action, this picture was obviously taken… at the house of the golden girls.

5. Plunging neckline Dab… I have no idea when this was taken, I am going to assume on Gaston appreciation day….

Happy Birthday Dab!
Don’t worry I’ll photoshop Eric next. I have permission :)

The Flashy World of Architecture

I almost died when I found out there were games about architecture online.

There must be some bored architects out there (me included i guess)

And then I found an online paper doll that would explain the world i work in… Architecture with fashion! (Sorry I was asked to unlink this by request)

So I was totally in.

I learned what an eraser is…

I learned what a triangle does…

I learned about T-squares and Trace, and Blue Prints…

I also realized the person who made this flash game knows nothing about architecture post 1974.

But it was fun to make this… which is nearly a replica of what happens at my work:

graphic obtained via flash game owned by oyunlar1. I hope this is good enough to give credit to a great graphic designer.

except no Eric, or Dab… and I don’t have that rad kind of view… however the walls are an accurate color.

also note the candles that would set your drawings on fire…