Rock & Roll

23 Nov

There are always those songs that bring a smile to your face no matter what is going on… or how old you’ve gotten.

I always remember the first time I heard the Velvet Underground.

I was 15, and this really cool boy with the perfect blue hair made me a mixtape, that was just the right amount of suburban rebellion. And it had this song on it… it sounded nothing like the N*SYNC and Britney Spears on the radio… it was completely different.

It sounded like… joy.

And I never looked back, I searched for my own sounds, found my own soundtracks.

I played that CD until it skipped in like 3 different parts and later succumbed to the heart-breaking ending of melting in my car. #livingincaliforniaproblems.


and you can listen to the song here:

I should go to sleep.


Tom Hanks Syndrome

18 Nov

I feel like this title sounds a lot more serious than any of this post really could be…

Today I watch like my 12th Tom Hanks Movie of the year.

Which really takes up the movie time between me watching “Scream Queens” and 80s Brat-pack movies.

So I found my well watched dvd of “Sleepless in Seattle” while I started to draw… and what I was really surprised with is how really charming Meg Ryan makes stalking look…

Like if you think about it, she was really stalking him. She flew across the country and watched him and his son playing on the beach.

He didn’t know who she was… like at all. He was just trying to chill with his son.

But anyways, she was charming and cute, and she peeled apples in a very unusual way… and it worked out for all of them.

And, all in all, the movie is still really cute.

So that is really nice.

One thing about the movie that is also super cute is the music.

My sister was like really concerned that I knew the lyrics to “A WInk and  Smile”… but I’m pretty sure it’s on a list of like the most adorable tunes of all time.

Thanks Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan for being so super cute. I’m going to go watch Scream Queens now.


Happy Birthday to Lauren!

16 Nov

Every year for my birthday I like to do a simple thing. I like to make a list of things I learned and I also like to make a list of goals for me.. that I hope I can really do.

So as always I start with what I learned:

-Planning and orchestrating extreme costumes is amazing. And I suggest to everyone who wants to be dressed like something they in-vision to do it at least once


-I learned to defend myself and my beliefs, and I didn’t apologize for what I like, or who I like!


-I learned that NBC is useless without Thursday night comedies. And that ended me watching as much TV as I used to… and since I watched all NBC comedies like an addiction since I fell in love with repeats of Night Court at 3. This could actually be a good thing.


-I learned how to pronounce “quinoa”

-And I learned that my sense of optimism is still a bit too high! But I like it that way!


-I got more serious about my artwork, and I’m actually working on making it into a side business. And I love working on it.

BTW I was just interviewed by Jess Goulart by breakthruradio for a podcast about this very website and these very drawings!!! I will make a much better and cooler post about this later!

Things I want to do this year:

-This may sound really strange… but I want to go to Circus School. I want to learn to use those ribbon things and i want to do it really well… then I will enter the olympics of ribbon thing. (Which I really wish was real)

-I want to be so serious about having fun that it’s contagious and everyone around me will have fun.

-I will find out who make the graphic t-shirts I don’t understand at F21. Literally last year they released a shirt with an address and the address was to an “H&M”

-I will always try to check out facts (hence I discovered that F21 address gaff)

-And I will see the Cure, they are in America… and they are my favorite thing besides good hair,  and good times.

Thanks to everyone who reads this blog, passes by it, or wonders what the heck they have stumbled upon.

Here’s to another AMAZING year!!!

And here is to my dream costume of the year:

Hedy Lamarr’s Zeigfield Girl.

I want to wear it all the day, all the time.

Just imagine me in the line at “Chicken Now” in this number… ordering some chicken strips and texas toast.




Happy Birthday Vero!

13 Nov

I really love Novembers.

They are full of hot cocoa, planning your next years Halloween costumes, and really more birthdays than you can shake a stick at.

And today’s birthday is totally a good one.

In addition to being Sadie Hawkings Day and World Kindness day… it’s also Veronica’s birthday.

You may be asking yourself… who is Veronica?

And you are totally right for asking,

She is one of my college buddies who I would love to share a little bit about with you right now!

-Veronica is a very talented artist, she can make very fancy drawings.. in fact we have collaborated on one

-She literally has like 40 bookmarks with hobbits on them

-She still owns every copy of “Circus” magazine. Which was an alternative rock version of “Tiger Beat”

-She never ever complains about my music choices

-She still uses her high school yahoo email, like a proper gangster

-She loves all kitties, and has a rather handsome gray cat who likes to sleep on her workspace

-She is great to go to the movies with and always dresses in theme with the movie you are about to see. It’s like Disneybouding… but like totally way better

-And she has dreams of sharing her love of 90s glam rockers with the world… Specifically Amir Derakh, and his majorly contrasty hair:

Image Courtesy of Photobucket

And more than all that she has dreams of costumes like Elisa.. maybe it’s a November thing???

Any who… her is a drawing of her as Honey Lemon from Big Hero 6:

Isn’t she all super hero-ey? She also looks like this all the time… her street clothes are her real costume

Happy Birthday Veronica!


With Whip Cream on Top

10 Nov

I have been full of really great ideas lately.
And all of them have to do with ice cream.

It may be that I’m hungry, or that it takes to long to really get cold in California… But all I can really think of is ice cream animals.

And all I can think about when I’m working is Mermaids…

So I combined the two, and I feel really good about it.

Meet ice cream mermaid.

She is strawberry, and sprinkly.

I imagine she is like a baker mermaid, and that she smells really good (and totally not like gross fishies)

She’s like the strawberry shortcake of the sea.

And her favorite band is the Mer-Cure which features Robert Smith of the Sea. (I really want to draw him as a mermaid now)


Heads Up with Elisa

9 Nov

My friend Elisa just had her birthday on Friday…

And one of my favorite things to do is draw her.

She has a great imagination for costumes, and I have a great way of taking all her dream threads and turning them into a construction set for her to make her costumes.

And for some reason, all of her costumes have huge hair and leotards.

Her next 356 days will involve her taking her exuberant, day-planning, auto-cad drawing self to become a glamorous Barbaraella Medusa.

And she will pull it off seamlessly.

This year she traveled to Downtown LA several times a week, and spent weeks handbeading a dress to create her dream of becoming a glamorous Beyonce Queen.

And next year I’m hoping for animatronic snakes and the most glittery leotard in the land… because I would expect nothing less.

Happy Birthday Girl!


Where are you???

5 Nov

I have been busy for the last month.

I am trying to make a business and I actually, which is kind of odd and brave.

And everyday I evaluate whether I am doing well at this or not… and so far, it’s been okay.

I’m making retro art available to decorate homes.

And I have my first art show this very month in Covina, CA.

This is a candy dot mermaid. She is for candy and mermaid enthusiasts.

I have a few drawings to post. But in the last month I have just made 13 variations of these mermaids and about 16 necklaces.

If you want to know anything about them, email me at



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