29 Jan

I was devastated by the Scandal half season finale…

Mostly because I spent the last few months watching the entire season,and now I caught up and knew everything.

And much like everyone else… now I have to wait for new episodes… and that is the worst.

So finally, tonight I get to see what I’ve been waiting for since December… More Scott Foley!

Yay Scandal!!!


Lifestyles of the Rich & Aldente

26 Jan

Last week my mother made macaroni salad… and it was really good.

It gave me a new life goal:



22 Jan

I’ve had this song in my head for like 2 weeks.

I’ve been listening to it in the car.

On my headphones on repeat.

On my phone at work without headphones.

In my bed, instead of sleeping.

In the morning when I’m brushing my teeth.

And even while I’m eating chicken.

I tried to find out if I could make a career listening to this song until my ears stopped working… but I haven’t found one yet.

So here is the song “Partyline” from Belle & Sebastian to get stuck in your head too:



21 Jan

I made this little gnome at work because I was very bored.

My mind wandered to what it would be like to be a gnome

And I decided that in California it would be a pretty nice gig to have…

and the only way I’d want to go somewhere else is if I were hanging around with Amelie’s flight attendant friend.

i love gnome puns!


The Weather Outside is Frightful

15 Jan

It’s been really cold outside lately… and then I really put it in perspective:


The Beagle

14 Jan

I was thinking about my life before Elliott today… when I had a dog.

She was really cute. She liked to eat pepperoni and watch tv, she was the best thing ever.

And she lived in a little dog house that matched the playhouse I had when I was a kid.

I would tell you more about her… but she’s my answer to every password.



8 Jan

Is there life on Mars? And do they celebrate birthdays there?

I hope so. And more on that topic today is David Bowie’s birthday.

And since he’s one of my favorite things I decided to draw this in his honor:



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