Drawing Challenge Day #13

13 Feb

Today’s drawing challenge is to draw a Disney character who is usually forgotten.

I chose Bianca from the Rescuers because… she had a major influence on me as a child.

I really like her fuzzy hat and wining accent.

Also I have 2 Christmas Ornaments of her because she’s the world’s most glamourous mouse.



Romantic Sheep part 1

13 Feb

My favorite part of Valentines day is clearly puns.

And this year I really can’t get enough of sheep.

So, if you are late with a Valentine’s gift… print out this little number.

All the girls, and guys will love it!

And it even has a Beatles pun built in which means, that the recipient will love it. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!


Drawing Challenge Day #12

13 Feb

Eek I forgot to post again…

but I didn’t forget to draw!

Drawing Challenge Day 12 is to draw a fictional character you wish was real!

I obviously picked a Minotaur… because I have a dream:


Drawing Challenge Day #11

11 Feb


Drawing Challenge day 11!

Draw someone else’s pet! I drew Veronica’s handsome cat… Kimba!

He’s grey and dreamy, and wants all of her attention!


Drawing CHallenge Day #10

11 Feb


Oops I forgot to post this one!

Today’s challenge was to draw a majestic horse.

And I discovered, I don’t really know how to draw a horse. So I gave it my best go. And well now, I have this in my portfolio of doodles.

Happy Thursday new post to come later.

Drawing Challenge day #9

9 Feb


Wanna be starting something?
Like breakfast???

Today’s doodle was to draw an outfit made of food. And this outfit is artistically somewhere between 1980s Michael Jackson and Ron Swanson.

It really succeeded it making me hungry.

Onward doodle challenge!


Drawing Challenge day #8

8 Feb

Today’s drawing challenge was to draw an unsual outfit you’d like to wear for everyday occasions.

I would be so honest to say that I love like 1980s/70s glam that I would love to be dressed like in glitter costumes all day… even if I was in the office.

And since I work in such a corporate environment… I think people would be very surprised.




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