Happy Birthday Elisa!

6 Nov

Today is an exciting day!

It’s my desk buddies birthday… so today was a wonderful celebration of her that included a desk decorated in “Under the Sea” paraphernalia and with lots of pie.

And although work is well… sometimes hard to get through. Elisa makes it a blast for all the hours we are there together. We giggle, walk to 7-11 for slurpees, talk about our weird fascinating lives and wait in long lines for well her to get coffee. And she totally enjoys laughing at me when I turn bright red talking to the cute guy from the office down the hall.

And it’s all amazing. So amazing that my boss is moving me… to Siberia. In hopes that I won’t talk to anyone.

Well until then, we shall party and giggle and get our work done!

This was Elisa’s Halloween costume this year. She really has it together for being 28 :)

Happy Birthday Elisa I hope you have a wonderful year!


Happy Halloween

31 Oct

I hope everyone out there is having a wonderful weekend and a very happy Halloween.

I’m going to go eat a lot of candy now!



28 Oct

It’s Tuesday and you know what that means…

That I really want it to be Friday!!!
I’m not the only one right?

Just don’t let my Project Manager catch me!


Pretty In Pink

21 Oct

This is the second in the my office as  John Hughes movie.

My friend Mimi is always giving me advice, and listening to my romantic foibles that sound like only John Hughes could create.

Here we are as Andie and Iona… and I’m pretty sure I’m telling her about that cute guy who’s always staring at me…

But when he talks to me our conversations are always awkward and mostly about chicken.

I loved drawing Iona’s apartment. If Mimi didn’t have a family I know her house would look like this



Monday Morning with Lauren

20 Oct

Can’t there be along weekend in October?

I know I shouldn’t complain… but I’m doing it!!!

It’s 5 days from Friday ice cream!


Gino’s Day Off

6 Oct

I love 80s movies.

If you know me or read this website you may already know this… because it’s one of my favorite thing to talk about.

Here is my interpretation of my co-workers and all around hilarious friends as Ferris Bueller and company:

I ended up being Cameron, because I couldn’t pull of that sweet leather jacket Elisa has on.

And Gino really needs that vest in real life. Ladies love leopard vests.

Danke schön!


I wanna have some Fun!

24 Sep

I have been missing lately.
But I have a whole bunch of doodles.

And this one is about how I don’t want to be at work… but desperately want to have fun.

I want to have so much fun, that I need to implore the guidance of someone who knows what I’m talking about.

Now I just need to remember Sheryl Crow’s phone number.



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