Monday Morning with Lauren

20 Oct

Can’t there be along weekend in October?

I know I shouldn’t complain… but I’m doing it!!!

It’s 5 days from Friday ice cream!


Gino’s Day Off

6 Oct

I love 80s movies.

If you know me or read this website you may already know this… because it’s one of my favorite thing to talk about.

Here is my interpretation of my co-workers and all around hilarious friends as Ferris Bueller and company:

I ended up being Cameron, because I couldn’t pull of that sweet leather jacket Elisa has on.

And Gino really needs that vest in real life. Ladies love leopard vests.

Danke schön!


I wanna have some Fun!

24 Sep

I have been missing lately.
But I have a whole bunch of doodles.

And this one is about how I don’t want to be at work… but desperately want to have fun.

I want to have so much fun, that I need to implore the guidance of someone who knows what I’m talking about.

Now I just need to remember Sheryl Crow’s phone number.


Pajama Dreams

18 Jul

It’s definitely Friday,

And this week, like every, week was totally crazy.

And I really only had one goal.

Get home and go to sleep!!!!



Say What?

18 Jul

As brought up by a wonderful reader and all around cool owner of Bongo an adorable adventure loving dog…

The usual phrase after “say what?” Should be “chicken butt.”

And I need to make it right!

And I totally had to draw it after I stopped giggling.

So without further ado:


I said “doo.” Hee hee.

Sheep Butt

17 Jul


For some reason my sister and I used to say this to each other when we were kids.

It would make me laugh hysterically.

Enjoy the humor of a 6 year old.


Modern Love of David Bowie

15 Jul

I’ve been on a big kick of listening to David Bowie.

In my car on the way to work it’s the “Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust”

On the way home it’s all about “Modern Love”.



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