Red Friday

I know that March is all about St. Patrick’s day and spring, so I should be decked out in florals and greens.

But lately I have been so obsessed with red.

Like everything I usually choose yellow, or green, I have been make it red. Nail polish, accessories, lipstick (I don’t wear green lipstick) but seriously, I want it red and I would also like that red to be shiny.

Maybe it’s because it hasn’t stopped raining in California and I am jonesing for a color I can’t get right now, as every single thing in my day is coated in gray.

Or maybe it’s because I’m doing what I want to do and I feel powerful?

Or maybe it’s because I got a new coat that is the color of the most delicious strawberry?

Maybe it’s all those things.

So Friday seems like the day to celebrate it.



And also a great time to celebrate my new markers and eraser.


It’s the little things that make the day fantastic!



One thought on “Red Friday

  1. And this post, delayed though my response is, has made my day fantastic!

    While blue has been my traditional “favorite color” since I was a kid, now that I’m grown red is kind of my secret, alternative favorite. Red dresses, red heels (oh my gosh do guys go stupid over those, which is not why I wear them!), red jewelry, and most especially red undies. I have a couple of bra and panty sets that I wear when I want to feel all powerful but I don’t want anyone to know it!

    Thank you for your lovely post. It was very much what I needed right now!

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