Incredibly Loud and very very close

I was commenting at work how everyone is so loud.

And then I got told by my friend, I was also one of the loud people.

At first I felt a little shocked… me loud? And then I realized it’s because everyone in the company comes to visit me at my desk…. like everyone.

People from different floors come to see what I’m up to.

It isn’t too bad, especially if they come to visit me and bring me no additional work… if they have more work, they can find another friend.


3 thoughts on “Incredibly Loud and very very close

  1. Lauren! It’s Edwin from awkwardlist! Ever since I left for my own host, I stopped getting your updates.. booo..

    Where can I find your posts on instagram?

  2. Lauren! I’m not sure if my first comment posted! I don’t get updates from you ever since I left for my own host :/ Anywho.. do you post your doodles on instagram?

    Edwin from

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