Presidential Ideas and Birthdays

Wouldn’t it be cool  if American Idol, had a spinoff called “Historic American Idol,” where contestants voted on the coolest and hottest of our American Heroes. I think If that happened I would say this is my pick for the top 5

#5 Jason Schwartzman, cute as a button musician and actor.

#4 Isabel Canto, famous for involvment with Clay Aiken, as well as her many years manning the most luscious monster truck station wagon.

#3 Rita Hayworth, one of my favorite Actresses… she’s awesome in 742 ways.

#2 Thomas Jefferson, damn right… he’s awesome dawg… and he’s coming up later in this post

#1 Abraham Lincoln… because everyone knows they adore big Lincoln!!! He kicks a lot of butt, and he kicks it hard

I’m sorry Isabel you are not as cool as Abraham Lincoln…


but my question was what should i eat for dinner???
but my question was what should i eat for dinner???

Okay also today is Thomas Jefferson’s Birthday. I must say he’s one of my favorite presidents because he did a lot of things for this country, and there are boatloads of statues of him in Paris… also who doesn’t love nickles???


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