President’s Day w/ Jimmy

My mind is a never-ending cavalcade of silliness.

So, today in honor of President’s day I give you this doodle of what happens to Jimmy every time this day shows up on the calendar:

The best real part of Presidents day is that I was talking on the phone this weekend when this happened beautiful conversation happened:

Jimmy: [on phone]: I do not look like Abraham Lincoln and now the internet thinks I do.

Me: Well, you are tall and do have brown hair. [to Jimmy on phone]

[Dad walks in room]

Dad: You are talking to Jimmy?

Me: Yeah.

Dad: It’s a big day coming up for him!

Me: What?

Dad: Isn’t it president’s day Monday?

Me: Hahaha. My dad just made a Lincoln joke about you…

Jimmy: Dear God.


Have a happy President’s day every one!


Happy Birthday Lincoln!

Today is a great day in history. Abraham FREAKING Lincoln’s birthday!

Also I have to make a post about this because my friend Jimmy is Practically Lincoln’s Sweet Valley twin. And they are both even February babies… so I am now totally convinced of my findings!

I have made a doodle of my proof:


Have a Great rest of the weekend people!


The Tale of Jimbraham Lincoln

I didn’t forget about Story Time with Lauren!

Today I bring you a poem about a Jimmy/Abraham Lincoln hybrid:

His Name is Jimbraham Lincoln,

He wakes up in the morning yawning and blinkin’…

When he looks at the ladies he cannot stop winkin’

and he likes to end his days with some tea and fried chinkin’



Happy Fourth of July!

On this day a boatload of years ago (233 to be exact), we said we didn’t like England. And we became our own country… it was really awesome.

Because Abraham Lincoln was our president:


Presidential Ideas and Birthdays

Wouldn’t it be cool  if American Idol, had a spinoff called “Historic American Idol,” where contestants voted on the coolest and hottest of our American Heroes. I think If that happened I would say this is my pick for the top 5

#5 Jason Schwartzman, cute as a button musician and actor.

#4 Isabel Canto, famous for involvment with Clay Aiken, as well as her many years manning the most luscious monster truck station wagon.

#3 Rita Hayworth, one of my favorite Actresses… she’s awesome in 742 ways.

#2 Thomas Jefferson, damn right… he’s awesome dawg… and he’s coming up later in this post

#1 Abraham Lincoln… because everyone knows they adore big Lincoln!!! He kicks a lot of butt, and he kicks it hard

I’m sorry Isabel you are not as cool as Abraham Lincoln…


but my question was what should i eat for dinner???
but my question was what should i eat for dinner???

Okay also today is Thomas Jefferson’s Birthday. I must say he’s one of my favorite presidents because he did a lot of things for this country, and there are boatloads of statues of him in Paris… also who doesn’t love nickles???