Red Friday

I know that March is all about St. Patrick’s day and spring, so I should be decked out in florals and greens.

But lately I have been so obsessed with red.

Like everything I usually choose yellow, or green, I have been make it red. Nail polish, accessories, lipstick (I don’t wear green lipstick) but seriously, I want it red and I would also like that red to be shiny.

Maybe it’s because it hasn’t stopped raining in California and I am jonesing for a color I can’t get right now, as every single thing in my day is coated in gray.

Or maybe it’s because I’m doing what I want to do and I feel powerful?

Or maybe it’s because I got a new coat that is the color of the most delicious strawberry?

Maybe it’s all those things.

So Friday seems like the day to celebrate it.



And also a great time to celebrate my new markers and eraser.


It’s the little things that make the day fantastic!



Things Just keep Getting Better!

I thought the best thing about today is that I’m wearing a dress… but much like that song they play on “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” Things have just got so much better!


-I got to briefly reenact West Side Story with a coworker. I’m talking about choreographed knife fights in the office people!

-One of my bestie’s, Christine likes an outfit I drew her in so much she wants to make it in real life!

-I have not had a Bird Man Dream since Tuesday!

-I got to eat barbecue potato chips at lunch (If you can’t tell yet, I’m easily amused.)

– I’m featured as today’s Crazy Chick on Lafemme’s Crazy Chick’s Club, which is a hilarious blog that is good for all the people!


I really am most excited about the last one… Even though those chips had a lot of barbecue powder on them!

Anyways! Today I say thanks so much for interviewing me Lafemme! And Let’s hear it for the weird girls… because we’re taking over!

Let's get really weird!



He’s very sensitive

Do you ever have those moments when you are so insulted you wish you had a sign to express your feelings to others?

No put down your finger… not that sign.

How about my pantent pending “insulted lizard”???

He can be insulted for you:

Isn’t he helpful?


Mr. Roger’s White House Connection

I must say that I don’t really care which way about President Obama talking to children…

the children will find out who he is eventually.

But the whole things reminds me of Mr. Rogers neighborhood. And I am really sad he didn’t make his speech dressed like Fred Rogers. Because cardigan sweaters put children to ease.

So do puppets… but I bet that silly Joe Biden didn’t want to be Mr McFeely.

Now let’s never speak of politics again.



This post is dedicated to the illest of Christine’s

When you recover from being illy may you have as much fun as this Colin Farrell on the beach with a wierd matress with baby toys on it (actually,  it looks like he has some extra room in the shade):

Thanks for being an awesome beach model Colin Farrell, we appreciate it.

The couch is what I crave

Okay so today I visited my couch.

And as all my friends know I do not own a house/nor apartment to place this luscious little number.

Otherwise it would be mine.

I met my future couch in downtown Orange about 3 weeks ago. It’s orange and shiny, and oh so modern. It makes me wish I had a place for it.

If you really like me, consider helping me buy this couch:

it looks great with weird lamps and dragon statuary!

I am so in love with this couch that i could marry it.

♫LAUREN (the couch lover)

Architectural Greetings

I am trying to convince Jimmy that he should go into making architectural greeting cards.

Can you imagine Mies for Christmeis? Or Frank Lloyd Wright Thank y’s? Well they’d be really popular.

Here’s my first attempt… its a little into the Urban Planning side of design.

A Camillo Sitte Valentine:

it could be a wonderful thing.