Benny & Joon posted this movie.. I suppose to show people the Johnny Depp has been in more than movies about Pirates.

In this awesome early 1990’s movie Johnny Depp plays an eccentric man who falls in love with Joon a mentally ill girl. This is like his first incredibly fascinating role… not dissing 21 Jump Street, or Nightmare on Elm Street. But Sam (Depp’s Character) is quite hilarious and brilliant, also he has that Charlie Chaplin thaaang going on.

This is also one of my favorite movies (note: I did not get it at Best Buy, it’s probably too old for them to sell)

favorite line “Some cultures are defined by their relationship to cheese.”

Here’s Johnny’s relationship to cheese:

Happy July time


3 thoughts on “Benny & Joon

  1. agreed. i would love a grilled cheese made like that…
    however, i don’t want him ironing my clothes with a cheese iron :)

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