Christmas: the Modern Guilt

Okay so… I know that everyone likes preparing for Christmas in August.

I am so not good a this, because the year I bought everything in advance I misplaced all my gifts.

So, I still need to shop… but when I go to stores and see countdown clocks I feel a bit like this:

Nice Pee Wee placement, right?

Am I the only one who really dislikes countdowns to holidays? I mean they make me so nervous:


2 thoughts on “Christmas: the Modern Guilt

  1. those pee wee vids make me so happy. and yes xmas countdowns, once tracked with the delicious daily advent calendar chocolate (which tasted like shit but hey it was chocolate for breakfast so it was cool) is now a giant clock in my mind stressing me over budgets and shopping.

  2. Oh I used to love our Mickey Mouse advent calander choc-full of delicious treats….
    but all I can think about is I still have to buy more than half of my presents.
    and my dad… is so impossible :(

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