I saw the Sign

I thought I would share my favorite sign in the Burbank area:

picture from laist.com

I am such a fan of modern signage and aesthetics, and this was one of the many things I loved about going to school in Burbank. And this sign had all the colors shapes and design to make me goo goo for it. On any especially stressful day, passing this sign can make almost anything better.

Fun Fact: This motel is used a lot as a crime scene on CSI! And it was used as a filming location for Apollo 13.

Across the street from here is a comic book store where you can meet Spongebob, no lie. It’s called the House of Secrets…

They have a lot of art from Ragnar there:

As an epilogue I must show my favorite thing in Burbank…

The fountain at the Valley Pumping Plant:

That fountain is my obsession.


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