Flowers for Pomona

This is not exactly the flowers we went to see. But I had to clarify this, as this does exist in Pomona

Christine and I took a stroll to the fox theatre in Pomona… to see Brandon Flowers on Tuesday night.

Christine with strolling action

On our first attempt to gain entrance to the music venue I encountered the most vengeful of security guards who told us we had to throw away our lipgloss. Now, I had some fancy lipgloss with me, that I have become accustom to and had to be returned to the car… Electric pink gloss me and you forever.

This Lip Gloss is quarantined...

(I have since concoted a theory that Brandon Flowers has a lipgloss phobia and thought he would surely be glossed by some rogue hoochies.)

This may be true.

The show started with the magically accented Fran Healy.

You remember him from this:

He was awesome. During his set he played a song called “Sing Me to Sleep” which is a duet. He requested we imagine him having a Victor/ Victoria look… I could have helped him if I had been allowed my lipgloss. He was so awesome Christine bought his cd. (Which everyone should buy!)

And he finished his set with this song from Travis. Which is one of my personal fav’s.

While Mr. Flowers set was being unveiled the set change music was awesome. And included this song, which I sang with reckless abandon:

So fi-i-ine. We were in a more than thrilled mood. And then the hoochies came. Dressed like J-lo trannies from a 50 cent video, they loomed behind us… brushing us with their fingers hair and what not. All over our back regions. Screaming so loud you would have thought they shot Puffy.

I really though they were at the wrong concert.

Someone in this picture looks like a tranny J-lo. This person is not Christine nor me.

Then Brandon Appeared on stage kind of looking like the brawny man. He was fabulous. He sang and jerked around on the stage like we were at some fabulous new wave 1980s concert.

He could sell me paper towels anytime...

We also saw a girl from high school at the concert who recognized me in the darkness of the theater. I am mad recognizable.
The last song Brandon played left me in a conundrum because he played “when you were young” which has a line about someone not looking anything like Jesus…. but look at the guy next to Brandon he kind of looks like Jesus….

On our way to our car, we stopped an waited for Brandon. Christine got away and I was smushed into the crowd and briefly into Brandon himself. He has great skin, btw. It was crazy. Also I have this nice bruise to have as a keepsake….

pressed flowers

Awesome sauce.

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