Isabel Stare-a-thon: Notes from Jack Nicholson

I got this thrilling email last week from Jack Nicholson which states:
“hEy thErE vIcI0U51y 5wEEt,
I Am 50 frEAkIng ExcItEd Ab0Ut thE I5AbE1 5tArE-A-th0n I hAvE n0t 51Ept In wEEk5. I hAvE 5tAkEd 0Ut hEr 1Ab, And I Am wAtchIng fr0m A tEnt. I d0n’t thInk I c0U1d bE m0rE E1AtEd wIth Any 0thEr 5tArIng h01IdAy. 50mEtImE5 I EvEn sIt In hEr ApArtmEnt UntIL 5hE gEt5 h0mE, 50 I cAn 5tArE At thE thIng5 5hE 5tAres At. ExcItIng, rIght?
y0Ur5 f0rEvEr,
jAck nIch0150n”

Wow, Jack Nicholson I didn’t realize you were such a die hard fan. I am so excited to have join the Isabel Stare-A-thon…

Um maybe he's a little too excited. Watch out Isabel!

♫Lauren & Jack Nicholson

2 thoughts on “Isabel Stare-a-thon: Notes from Jack Nicholson

    1. Umm thank you spam. But Isabel is not staring back, this is not a “Isabel is staring” marathon. This is the Isabel stare-a-thon… the time of year when you gaze upon the glory that is Isabel. SO thank you and good day!

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